Kiwi Hiding Jackpot Money?


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Sep 20, 2005
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Ok, I don't know if anyone else follows the jackpot lists, but I love trying for the progressives when they hit a certain level. :rolleyes:

Yesterday, I was playing at Kiwi for hours because the 15 cent progresive was WAY OVER $100,000 (first time I ever saw it this high) when all of a sudden I got booted out and couldn't log back in for a few hours. I called twice to ask what the problem was and they said it was some kind of glitch in the server and then I asked if the jackpot was won (it was still over $100,000 while I was playing it when I got booted) and they said no, it still is there.

A few hours later continuing to try logging in , I called again and asked them what kind of time frame are they looking at to get the system back up and running and they said 45 more minutes (this is about 3 hours later) and once again I asked if the progessive was hit and they said no again (I did mention it was still there when I got booted).

Well, I logged back in , in about 45 minutes and the jackpot was set at $40,000+.......I started thinking...hey wait a was way over $100,000 a few hours ago and the system was down and no one could hit it and the CS confirmed this so where did all the money go????? :what:

Is something fishy here? I looked everywhere including the recently hit progressives and can't seem to find anything anywhere about this being hit (Queen of the Pyramids game) recently. :confused: might want to have a chat with these people if this is not on the up an up....and I so did want to win this too!!! :D now I am afraid to play there at all due to this switcharoo....not kosher at all in my book... :mad:

Anyones input is appreciated here...

No more info....

As of today 7/1/2006...I cannot find anything on this jackpot including the slot charts that it has been hit on 6/26/2006 or anytime thereafter (when I was booted and it was reset).

There is definitely something strange here for there is no notice or word or anything about it being hit at the $100,000+ level which in itself is an extremely high progressive for this slot, higher than the norm and since it was higher than normal...(2nd time over $100,000+ I think) you would think the casino would have posted a nice blurb or something on the win if in fact someone did win this and not just removed and adjusted by the casino. I attached todays slot charts just to see.
there is no problem

Playtech jackpots are shared.

So some times the casino takes some minutes (could be hours) to update jackpots..

since they are shared with all playtech casinos if some one hits the jackpot all the other casinos will be aware of this within some hours

If it was the GoldRally Jack pot I guarantee you will be hearing about it everywhere and most casinos learn from which company was the winning customer.

However if you feel something weird is going on go to

They will inform you as soon as possible or clarify any question

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