King Solomons - Misleading spam


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Dec 27, 2007
Just as im getting sick of it I got this:

"Dear s******,
Account: S******,

Congratulations! You have successfully claimed your promotion CGFREE5

Look out for more promotions in the future and if there's anything that we can do to make your gaming more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to ask.

For more information please visit:
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or send e-mail to [email protected]

King Solomon's Casino"

Anyone else get that? not only have I never played there, I cant even remember signing up for an account.

Apart from the spam emails from them every 3 days this email in particular was beyond a joke. It seems like a sly way to get me to check my account (if I even have 1).

Sabine WJ

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Jun 8, 2009
Dear Sparkz,

Thank you for bringing the matter of the received mails to our attention. We have received a similar notification from another player who has also not played for a while and this made us consult with RTG, our Software provider as we personally did not send any email out to players yesterday. We were informed by RTG that due to a recent fix applied to their mailing server some previously blocked email notifications were released from a queue as a result of the applied fix.

We were unaware of the upgrade and we sincerely apologise for the inconveniences caused by the emails you have received. If you give us your first/last name and/or your email address we could locate the account registered in our casino.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.