Kahnawake says kaave.com is not a permit holder


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:what: i will be damned. Kahnawake replied at last .here is their answer:

Billie Jo Peterson <BillieJoP@mck.ca> wrote:
Hello Aysequl Ertugrul,

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission "KGC" has received your email. It would be
a pleasure to assist you at this time. Unfortunately, Kaave.com is not a
permit holder with the KGC.

If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us again.


Billie Jo Peterson
Administrative Support Clerk
Kahnawake Gaming Commission

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From: aysegul ertugrul [mailto:oops:guzhan_aysegul@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 3:22 AM
To: kgc@mck.ca
Subject: !!www.kaave.com!!

Member ID: oguzhan_
my name is aysegul ertugrul.i am a student and i have to pay my rent and my

i became a member of kaave.com and deposited 700 dollars.my member name was
oguzhan_. i played for two days and my total was 836$ when suddenly i was
dismissed from the poker lounge. i was told that my membership was cancelled
because i had written wrong thins about the site during a play. i just asked
one of my opponents if it is safe to play here and she answered " definitely
no" . and advised me to stop playing before becoming an addict just like
her? then i asked the same question to another player? and he answered "it
maynot be safe" and suddenly i was dismissed. they do not return my money.
even the original amount i have sent and they do not answer my mails.

please help me get my money back. i can not believe that they can take my
money so easily without any definite reason. i need this money and i want my
money and some explanation please.


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Kahnawake Oyun ve Kumar Oyunları Konseyi, Mohawk Blgesi, Kahnawake, Kanada tarafından yetkilendirilmiştir.


our site is a site where games are for real money and we rae licensed from :Kahnawake Gamıng Comission Mohawk Region Canada

there is something really wrong here.i think we are all in danger and must have our credit cards cancelled at once unless there is a huge misunderstanding.


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I'm sorry to hear about that they are not really a Kahnawake permit holder (they are still displaying the Kahnawake seal). This is starting to look very bad for you and the other players.


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kaave.com is on this server that hosts the following websites:


This is their registrant information:
Odd thing is that they use a Belize address:

Office Hour Software Services Ltd.
60 Market Square
PO Box 364
Belize City

Domain Name: KAAVE.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Cytech, Ltd
Driftwood Bay
Belize City

Record expires on 15-Apr-2011.
Record created on 15-Apr-2003.

Domain servers in listed order:


And here is the registrant information for MOHAWKISP.NET

MOHAWKISP.NET is on the Kahnawake servers:

Mohawk Internet Technologies
P.O. Box 1470 33 Route 138
Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0


Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
Mohawk Internet Tech
ROUTE 138,PO BOX 1470
Phone: 450-638-4007
Fax: 450-638-9885

So they are definately in Kahnawake. Does this make them licensed there? I don;t know.

But I will find out.


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Sounds to me as if they are on the Khanawake server farm, which surely implies that they are licensed in that jurisdiction?

Did you notice the Cytech name...that looks familiar going back to the breakaway from MGS days by various casinos with Aquaonline (or something like that)


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a strange incident

this story i read while i was making contact with numerous kaave.com ex-members(believe me there are so many) who have been expelled from membership.

a player (member name caldion34) becomes a member to kaave.com. plays for a few weeks. than he suggests two of his friends to become members too. they oblige(one of them wasser34 the other did not want to reveal his member name) because if you give the name of any existing member while making your first deposit and say that kaave.com was advised by this member, both of you are given 25 dollars bonus.these two players are caught cheating (unlike many members whose membership has been cancelled because of alleged cheating, these guys really cheat) their memberships are cancelled and their money becomes kaave's money.everything normal till here. but although he has nothing to do with the cheating process caldion34's membership is cancelled too because he has advised the cheaters. he has about 400$ at that moment and he is really sorry.he sends many mails. recieves no reply. then he meets a guy who plays for big money for the same site (kaave.com) .he tells the guy about how his membership has been cancelled and that he can not take the 400 dollars in his account. this time that guy who is at the moment a member and plays big writes a mail.he writes the same things. this mail is abruptly answered. and the membership of caldion34 is reactivated. and he takes his money back.

i found it strange. i must find an active member to take my money back i assume :D