Is Vinyl Casino legit?


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Sep 13, 2021
Heya guys, I want to check of your experience with Vinyl Casino, if, anyone is playing there :D
I've got email recommendation to try it out and so I did with a couple of small deposits - exactly for this case to try it out and got a bit lucky to get to win 500. I have made a withdrawal request back on 4th May (Saturday) and of course read the terms, where is it saying that payments are made within 3 business days (not included weekends).
But the weird thing is that, there is no response on my 3 emails to support and livechat is useless to even check it out as they dont have connection to finance team.
I am attaching a screenshot here. It's not as much of a cash, but still if I think of 500 is a good cash to do many things with, to be happy with, or to play with in other casinos I am playing where withdrawal is within 1h (Bizzo, Woo, Playamo..).
Just want to know if you have any experience with this one, or maybe how long shall I wait for, to take, or ask for an action, even tho its already over 3 business days pending...? :) Also sharing it for as a rising finger - for players as well to be aware.
Any cool reply, its much appreciated.
Yeah it was a huge mistake, but still early to know and with not as HUGE massive cashout at least.
They response over livechat is exact same answers:
Thanks so much for your patience. We just checked your gaming account. I see your withdrawal is in the final stage of being processed.Moreover, I also just sent an e-mail to the financial department in order to remind them of your request. I am sorry about that sir I escalated your case for a checking and speed up again sir I am doing my best to help you with your withdraw to be into your account as soon as possible again sorry for this issue and the delayThank you for being patient, we do understand how you feel and we are currently working on your request with priority, as to provide you with a result as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience, much appreciated! If we could possibly do anything else for you - let me know. We are here 24/7 for our players."
SUPPORT emails are useless, as I am not able to get any answer back at all on my maybe 5 to 10 emails :/

I think it is going be one of the problematic casinos out there which I'd recommend to AVOID from a great distance guys!
Also may I ask someone from here CM, who is in charge to be able to get in touch with them to help with this case out, please? :)
I can send over some more details as well but the screenshot is also enough saying:
Sadly another unethical scam site which is part of the RABIDI N.V. group and renowned for scamming players, non-payment, RG issues and dodgy terms etc.

It has had no license since about a year ago.

Naturally it's promoted by AskGrumblers and Bigwinboard etc. but you'll do well to research this group and run a mile.

P.S. there was a post about this shower a while ago on here:

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Whistleblower Exposes Unethical Practices at Rabidi N.V. - Time for Justice? - Casinomeister Forum
Aaaah $hit, I think I got trapped.. dammit. There should be some regulation companies that bann those casinos, to not be able to even load the page.. so probably my 500 is lost forever there.. no wonder their livechat copy/paste answers and support doesnt reply at all in 6 days straight onwards.. damn scammers.. lol.

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