Is there any point using ADR or MGA complaint in this case


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Dec 1, 2017

Normally when you have issues with a casino, you send emails, you go to live chat. Talking with the casino normally will get the issue resolved, but what if you are the only one talking and no one is answering?

So for few months i did go to live chat and sent email about the issues i had on the casino site. No response, no answer.

On the 21.5.2024 i check there site how to make a official complaint, followed the guidelines and sent in the complaint. On the site it says that they will respond to my complaint in 24h if the need any more information.

24h past no respond, 48h past no respond. I log in and go to live chat, give the ticket nr and ask what is happening. Under 30 min i get, we are looking in to it, you get soon some information, just wait. Suddenly i got log out and see that "user is disabled by the administrator" and my account is closed. No information no email no live chat.


This site does have a MGA license but when i see that its sister sites just vanish from the Mga list last months, i have a feeling this will vanish and come back without a Mga license like one of its sister sites.

So my question is: are there any value making a ADR/Mga complaint against this kind of company? Or im i just wasting my time?

If i should make a complaint, what are the next steps?

No not much. MGA is made by casinos and paid by the casino to operate it will do zero damage to them.

Legal costs is to expensive for what the amount is most of the time.
You would need to check the terms and conditions first to identify if your play is actually under MGA (given we've had a few casinos recently that have MGA licenses but aren't using them, and you mention their sister casinos are migrating away from MGA licensing).

If it is, they should provide the ADR mechanism for you to follow. If it isn't, then you are probably already out of luck.

People are somewhat sceptical of the ADR process under MGA casinos - and we've seen a very mixed bag on the forum, a few successes but also a lot of stonewalling.

As the previous poster mentions, legal action is only going to make sense if the amount is substantial - there's no guarantee of success and the costs could dwarf any potential payout.
Thx for the feedback/information. The amount is 1300€ and going legal for that amount is not worth it.

They do provide a ADR mechanism, a have sent a email to ecogra about my case. Im too sceptical on ADR process, never done it but seen a lot of thread about it. I got this sense that even if they take the case, it will take long time to get any answer, probably have already left Mga and gone to a no license site.

Here are few screen shot from few week ago to today about the sites on that license (Mga)


One month ago 28.4 i got a email from malinacasino that they are closing down 13.5. Not a big surprise that they are back a weeks later with same site but no license.


I will wait if ecogra will give a answer on my email, but i think it seem better to just send my money to a "Nigerian prince" that will "send" me my inheritance :laugh:

Is there any different making a ADR on MGA or ecogra?

Is there any different making a ADR on MGA or ecogra?
So eCOGRA is the alternative disputes resolution body for the site, the "independent" *cough cough, sorry* reviewer of disputes.

The MGA do provide a direct path of complaint also, at
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, but they stress that you should "actively seek" to resolve the dispute first (which would include internal complaint and possibly ADR also).

So ADR first, then MGA as a last chance I would suggest. Time is going to be a point of tension here if they are abandoning their other MGA licenses, so hopefully the ADR realises that and prioritises it accordingly. It might be worth contacting the MGA (not as a complaint in the first instance) for their advice also, they may suggest to escalate it to them first given the risk of abandonment.
Ty for the information jasonuk,
I got a e-mail from casino today:

"Thank you for your email.

We would like to inform you that your claim is currently under review. You will receive an email as soon as there is an update. We appreciate your patience."

Lets see what comes from them and how long it takes.
The anual results of percentages ecogra are shocking
As low as 2% upheld in favour to 4% for consumers 60% upheld in casinos operator favour 35 % casinos offers goodwill

in my opinion them results speaks for themselves

There needs to be a independent , ombudsman in the uk set up for gambling and it’s needs to be Pubic ally funded not by casinos or be affiliated anyway what’s soever to any operator or regulator other then for regulatory purposes of course


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To put some links to these:
  • The left attachment (8322) is 2021-2023
  • The right attachment (8321) is 2020-2021
All the reports are available at the bottom of
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, and you can find prior years at
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Regarding the actual data, I think you've missed a step here - if the operator is at fault, it is in their interest to concede and resolve it quickly rather than waste more resources fighting it (remember they've already paid for the ADR in the first place). So the actual percentage is 31-40% rather than 2-4%.

So taking the three yearly reports:

TotalRejectedProcessedAverage Time For Player
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886539 (61%)
4 discontinued
343 (39%)36 days40% (38% settled, 2% ruling)
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911532 (58%)379 (42%)24 days38.6% (37.2% settled, 1.4% ruling)
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960479 (50%)
5 discontinued
476 (50%)33.5 days30.78% (23.53% settled, 7.25% ruling)

Regarding the high rejection rate - most of this can be explained by people jumping the gun (e.g. they don't have a "final decision" yet; 65% of rejections over these three years, a sharp increase from 2017-2020) or related to regulatory disputes (which annoyingly isn't spelled out in more detail by any of the reports; 20% of rejections).

Somewhat logically, if it goes to a full ruling, the player rarely wins - in some years this can be as low as 1 in 50 adjudications. It's not in the operator's interest to keep fighting a losing battle.

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