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Aug 6, 2020
Hi - I've been playing online slots for what seems like years!! (and probably is) and there is still nothing like the thrill of a big win dropping in.

However, I could do with some advice please. I accept that ultimately this is all about luck, and the slots have various different RTP % ratings. I have recently been playing the new Playa Blanca slot on Sky Vegas Casino, and despite spinning over 1,000 times, the bonus round has NEVER come up.

I find it hard to believe that this can be legitimate and I'd like to take it further but I'm not really sure of the best course of action - and if indeed I have any reasonable case that could be considered.

Has anyone else found something similar on this game - or any other?



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Apr 26, 2019
As for my own experience last two months..
I've lost 1000 euros on 20p stakes without a single decent hit.
This excludes bonuses and free spins.
If included it would have been atleast 1500 bucks since I rarely make a deposit without some sort of deal.
My average deposit was 20 bucks

Did it give me any play time on any slot at all? No.
The bonuses that rarely came paid like 10-20-30x and very rarely about 100xish.

I was not able to double my deposit in over 50 deposits.

So to sum up your question.
1000 spins and no bonus is not that unusual and it sucks but even if you get the bonus it could pay you like 20x.

Should I make a case against any slot because I've lost in the past few months? No.
Did I ever get a very big win in the past 2 years of playing slots..? No.

Take your loss or take a break from the slot.
Don't chase and play other games and if everything is shit stop gambling for a while.
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Oct 25, 2018
Hi Lottie and welcome,

most of my play is at Sky Vegas and honestly loads of sessions I can go over 1000 spins without hitting bonus. Unfortunately it’s just the way it is and yeah can be frustrating as hell! Like Cardio says don’t chase your losses take a break and maybe when you try again you will hit a lucky streak.
Good luck


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May 31, 2015
If I were you guys, I would do the exact same thing. Maybe after 150 deposits, you hit a bonus.

damn 1.6x stake :)