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Oct 17, 2022
Cheadle Hulme
Hi all
Firstly, thank you for accepting my registration.
I'm based in the U.K., female, and have a background in recruitment, advertising/sales/marketing and admin.
I have been playing various online slots and blackjack so a few months now, with reasonable success.
I'd be happy to offer any advice or assistance if required.
Hiya Phoenix43!!

First off - welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining us. :thumbsup:

To begin, please read the "Spot the Rogue" casino page. I coined the phrase "Rogue Casino" 24 years ago, and I never thought these years later we'd still be having the same conversations. :p
How to Spot A Rogue Casino? - Casinomeister®Online Casino Authority

That page needs a few updates, but the information is still 100% valid.

Since you are in the UK and just starting out. Please ensure that the casino you are playing at has a valid UKGC license. There are many casinos that are using crooked software and targeting folks in the UK.

To play it safe, please check out the Casinomeister Accredited Casino section here:

And better yet, the Certified Accredited casinos here:

The most important tip from me is to read all the fine print in the T&Cs - and if you take a bonus, please read and comply with the wagering requirements. This is where most players run into trouble. They don't read the terms properly.

And if you have questions, please ask. There are plenty of newbies here as well who are timid to ask, and wait for others to do so. :D

Again, thanks for asking and thanks for joining us.
for the start just play on well know casinos, in this forum they have lot of good UK casinos and try to play on high RTP, some casinos in UK are very low RTP 80% -90 % is very bad, 96% is the best RTP for UK but most of UK casinos run on 94%, under 94% not worth playing

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