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Jul 2, 2005
Hi. I sign up at intertops with a 50% up to 100$ for 700 raked hands. When i mailed them for the bonus, they refused to give the bonus. Their response was:

A check of our records indicate while you have fulfilled the raked hand
requirement required for the affiliate bonus, however, the amount of rake
which has been contributed to the house and a check of your hand histories
indicates that you have only been contributing to the small/big blinds with
no intention of actively participating in games, and as per our rules and
regulations you are ineligible for the 50% up to $100.00 match up bonus.

I can't understand that they would send a mail i so easily can prove is wrong. As this was 6max-playing just for fun, i played even looser than i normaly do, probably between 25-30% Vpip. And their problem is that i have the handhistory to prove it. So all in all they are refusing to pay the bonus because i didn't play loose enough for them, that first of all wasn't a part of the bonus-requirement, and secondly is false anyway.

This has been a serious problem in the last 2 weeks. The site I work for had to remove Intertops for this and will likely have to blacklist them if they do not pay up. Intertops has ignored most of our emails about this and the ones they have responded to have not been helpful. Basically they do not care that players have fulfilled the bonus requirements, they aren't paying anyway.

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