Interesting Slot Case in the News


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As well as "trying it on", the problem may well be one of trust. Is it an error, or a dishonest casino trying to wriggle out of paying out in the interests of profit.

We see many instances of casinos "trying it on" with dodgy terms and conditions, "spirit of the bonus", etc so they shouldn't be surprised when players don't believe them when they claim "honest mistake" before denying a large payout.

In cases like this, the first the player hears about it being a known glitch is when the casino uses it as an excuse for non payment, even though the industry and game supplier have known about it for a while. If casinos were more open about the possibility of display glitches, making it clear to players on a notice that the max is, say, $10,000 and that a multi million display is a glitch BEFORE any player actually experienced it, then they may find that such players will accept the published max, say $10,000, rather than press for the full displayed amount in a case that the casino will most likely win, but will generate far more than $10,000 of bad publicity.

In this particular case, the casino failed to follow the recommendation of the game supplier intended to deal with the possibility of this glitch manifesting itself.


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Yeah, it is stated in the article that the max payout were set to $10,000, but it is still pretty sad having seen that big jackpot come up and not getting anything from it. $10,000 feels like a slap in the face compared to the $40''+ :p


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Pity I couldn't make a claim against all the 'glitches' I suffer daily, IE countless laggy, losing spins :mad:


Can i say it? "Only in America" :)

No offense of course but it's obvious that getting into court with anything really, is much more likely to happen over there:p

I don't blame the Granny for trying though..