Interesting non-scientific slot experiment


Ueber Meister
I have had a very good run at Casino Titan this weekend so I decided to do a little experiment.

I started out with XX balance and play every slot they have, excluding 3reel and progressives. Started at the bottom of the list and worked my way up. I was playing $1 per spin and gave each slot at least 10 spins. I went up and went down but at the end, I had exactly the same balance I started with. I found that very interesting in a funny way. But does it mean anything or just that I got lucky?

Any thoughts?


aka LooHoo
Actually ending up with any balance left at all is a good thing! But bizarre to add up to the same, I agree. I bet you couldn't do the experiment again and get the same result though....


Dormant account
Who knows

I think it is pure coincidence. :)
Since I have heard that online RTG casinos have number randomization which is very unlikely to be predicted.Ah who knows It can be anything.I just think that you were lucky. :D