Interesting - BTG licensing Megaways engine out


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Pretty interesting indeed. They list Merkur as well, that's even more surprising. Merkur and BTG are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes slot dynamics. First one is all about bells and whistles whereas the second one is "keep it simple" retro style.


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It'll be a race to see who can create the maddest and most ridiculous high variance game on the market - now even Red Tiger are doing it. Quite surprised that BTG have licensed it - but i guess they figure everyone else will be doing it for themselves if they dont' so they might as well cash in


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Yes, talking to transmonkey must have been an eye-opener ;)
He hasn't transitioned yet....he's still pre- op last I heard :(


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Looks like they have basically 100% cloned bonanza (or extra chilli) and slapped rainbow riches graphics on it.


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Diamond Mine by blueprint is out, exact copy of Bonanza except it has mystery symbols that reveal themselves after the drop.

Just spotted it at Betfred but i would think it hits a few places this evening.



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I bet it doesn't payout like Bonanza does especially if they have to pay BTG for the megaways rights, a little fee from each players to use the rights.


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I hope we’ll see Diamond Mine at VS or Spin Rider. They refuse to fix the mobile versions of Bonanza and I like gambling on my tablet. I’ll play this even if it’s from Blueprint. It can’t be any tighter than Bonanza.