How To: Instructions for changing your avatar


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Jan 20, 2004
Changing your avatar is fairly straightforward, just a few simple steps and it's done.

1. Begin by clicking on your user name in the upper nav bar:


2. That will open up a pop-up from which you select "Account Details":


3. Now you are in the area for editing your account:


4. Click on whatever your existing avatar is -- likely the default -- and you get a pop-up that allows you to do what you want to do. You'll probably want to select "Use a custom avatar" and proceed from there:


5. Click "Okay" when you're done and that should do it. :cheerleader: :cheerleader:

- Max
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Sorry, you don't have which option? I've numbered the steps for easy reference.

Why don't you share your Star Wars avatar with your twin brother?
You guys don't get along?
🤯 Er, no, he's called El_Bastardo for a reason. ;)

- Max
@PaulF , I've just seen your attachment ... and the fact that you have a new avatar. So I guess it worked out? :D

- Max
@PaulF It was because you had just registered. That puts you in the Registered group where your permissions are fairly limited (spam blocking etc etc). Once you've posted a few times you are promoted to Newbie and then you do have avatar permissions. As you've seen.

FYI there are other levels of forum membership and their permissions, see here if you're intererested: Forum Membership Levels .

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