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Sep 29, 2003
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I believe very strongly in giving credit where credit is due.

I got a couple of exclusive Casinomeister subscriber offers to Inetbet over the last week and took them up on two of them.

The first one was for a 200% bonus on my first deposit. I wasted no time in signing up and wasted no time at all in promptly losing all of it! A day or so later, along came a second offer, 100% on $50 deposit, 20X playthrough on VP. I won a little over $600 this time...Much to my suprise, the money was deposited in my Netteller account less than 24 hours after cashing out!:thumbsup: Thank you Inetbet!

My thought in posting this is to let others know when casinos do things right. This experience was a pleasant suprise....contrast this to a $100 win from 7 days ago in a Playtech casino that I won't name. I'm still waiting on that withdrawal to hit my Netteller account. I have no doubt that I'll be paid sooner or later, but I really wish that the Playtech operators would get their crap together and get with the program in terms of speed of cashout payments.

Thank you Bryan for recommending another standup and outstanding operation! :notworthy



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