In Touch Games UK licenses revoked by the Gambling Commission

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Feb 15, 2019
Click here for our review on the UKGC
Thoughts with the Casino operations staff in Birmingham.

Although the slots-providing side of the business will probably continue unscathed, outside of the UK.
Feels like it's been a while since we've seen a suspension, predictably it is one of the smaller operators - although InTouch became part of the Skywind Group in June 2022, the penalties have continued since (enforcement action from
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Rather telling that multiple properties already state they "have taken the difficult decision to surrender our license" (news coverage is of the suspension, so unclear if this is misleading customers or they've already surrendered it), and another states that "registrations are closed" but provides a sign-up link to a different casino.

At the time of the previous enforcement, the UKGC said:
This £6.1m fine shows that we will take escalating enforcement action where failures are repeated and all licensees should be acutely aware of this.
... and yet Entain still has a license despite a stack of six-figure AML failures (leading to their latest award-winning £17m fine last year) and HMRC investigations into literal bribery... funny that. :rolleyes:
Regards Entain and their past ventures into Turkey prior to becoming Entain plc, last month on the 10th August the board provided an update to shareholders which you can read about here: Entain provides update on HMRC investigation

Whereby subject to shareholder approval they are setting aside nearly £600 million to deal with said investigation.
C'mon, seriously - who comes up with these names? Touch Games?

Show us where the mean man touched you, Jimmy boy.

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