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Sep 24, 2009
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I tracked a RTG software casino IP address, on the rogue list. I tracked it to Houston, Texas 77002(ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc 315 Capitol, Suite 205) and two other North America server connections in California and (i believe) Ontario, Canada. Internet Servers in the US are hosting gambling which is against FCC's US federal law of gambling across state and local borders (A call to the FBI should institute a raid on this company's server). I do not oppose gambling online. Maybe we cannot hold sellers of software accountable for unlicensed casinos from brandishing spam or illegal solititation, but we could hold US Internet Server Providers (ISPs) responsible for policing these rogue casinos. They screeen spam email and they could require more stringent declarations as to what the server would be allowing US citizens to access. This particular casino is associated with a business marketing organization registered in the UK. Please note this marketing media organization (NetSurf Media, Ltd. 2nd floor Berkeley House Berkeley Square-London W1) is registered in the UK. These servers are NOT truly international servers just accessed by US internet users. A word to all, we could legally halt these rogue non-paying, thieving casinoes by closing there Internet points of entry into our safe consumer markets. Casinomeister could lead this effort as an advocate. NOT only can a concerted effort by casinomeister to accredit casinos, but why NOT accredit ISP servers broadcasting RTG software!!! Let's boycott RTG software casino presenters, as well, until RTG hold purchasers of their software accountable.
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