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Jul 6, 2010
I was playing a game called "Fortune Keepers" at Ignition. It has always been one of my favorites. I triggered the free spins and then triggered the PICK bonus within the free spins. I was on my cell phone and received a phone call while on the bonus round. As I was clicking the frogs in the pick bonus I was disconnected. I get disconnected quite often during bonus rounds. Nonetheless I proceed to log back in and the game will not re-load. I tried to clear my cache and cookies. This has been an issue on Ignition for years. Usually it takes you back to where you left off. This time nothing works. I had already won quite a bit of money on the free spins and was going to win quite a bit more since the first frog pick was pretty big which means the rest are big as well.

The game does not payout your winnings until the bonus round and free spins are complete. Unlike most other slots which pay you prior to finishing the bonus round, this game does not do so.

It has been an entire week and they cannot fix the issue. All they do is tell me they are working on it and then come back and give me the same ideas on how to fix the problem. They tell me to clear my cache and cookies etc. I have tried 4 different computers, 3 cell phones, and every possible browser. If they log into my account on their end it wouldn't load either.

How should they handle this issue? I think i should be compensated for the money I would have been awarded on the bonus game or given a large comp for the problem. From what I recall I was up around 100 at the time the game froze. I also had like 15 free spins left. I was betting $2.50 a spin.

They should do something if they cannot fix the problem in the form of an apology and a comp IMO.

What do you guys think?

The game just sits and has a loading symbol when I try to launch it and it never goes back to the game. As it stands now the game is frozen in bonus land forever. I told them to contact the provider.

I won't play on their site until they fix this.

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Well, it doesn't look like support is going to fix my game. I guess I just forget it. I can never access this game on their site again. It works on Bovada and Slots.lv but I will simply avoid playing it just in case the same thing happens again. If this is a game anyone plays, beware that it could get stuck and you will have no recourse. Cheers
What's the provider of the slot's name? Perhaps there's a contact on CM for the provider and they can help. I'm certain that It's a server thing on the provider's end. I'm not 100% sold that Ignition can resolve the problem without contacting the provider and who knows when and if they do it.

I wouldn't chop it up as a lost cause so easily. You earned the bonus and you chase your winnings.
there is usually a round ID for each spin. yours should have had one that ties to the game and the exact order/amounts won. That's why when you come back and reload a game it can continue again from the start of the bonus.

I believe some people here have been able to look at the raw XML data which contains various information. Perhaps that xml data is still avaialble when you get to that screen even though it looks white to you and perhaps it would contain the play ID and possibly the win amount which you can then provide to support and/or the game provider themselves (also the Casino might have the play ID or perhaps its in your play history for hte casino)

Unfortunately I am not quite sure what the members were using to view the raw XML data....someone else might be able to help you with that.
Generally speaking once you trigger a bonus round they already know how much you have win prior to the bonus spins being played. Some slots it can be a range when you trigger the bonus. They haven’t done anything and tge game continues to sit and act like it is loading. I an contemplating closing my account since they aren’t doing anything. Looks like the provider is Spinomenal. Whoever that is.

No clue how to move forward.
Sorry for the bad grammar above. Been drinking tonight. Lol :) Just got back from Vegas. The problem is that I love Bovada and Slots.LV. I am a VIP at both and spend a ton of money on them. Ignition doesn’t give me much compared to Slots.lv and Bovada. I know they are all the same. I will just leave it alone and never buy jn on Ignition ever again until they resolve the issue. Its been 3 weeks so I doubt they are doing anything.
Nothing has been done. The game now loads properly but the money I won on the bonus round was never credited to me. The bonus round was never completed either. I am closing my account permanently. I cannot play at a site that does not fix a problem or compensate it's customers for the broken game. The bottom line is that I had won around 150.00 or more and was still on the bonus round when the game broke and I was never awarded my winnings. So I am closing my account. I don't want this to happen again. It may have been a fluke and I am just unlucky but it was not handled correctly. Oh well.
Exact same thing has happened to me on william hill, playing a slot called Gold blitz extreme and triggered the bonus was credited 12 free spins got to the third and someone phoned me. I can no longer get on to the slot and they are not willing to compensate me they just keep telling me the same thing to try on a different device or clear my web history and cache. Absolute joke.
I hit the bonus on slots garden Kung fu game. I was not interrupted by a call or anything when I pushed the spin button to see what type of bonus I would get I got audio of the spin but nothing else. They told me it is a stuck game and asked if I would let them clear it and refund my 1.25 wager and that's all they could do they say. I can't play any other games because it says I'm already in a game and tales me back to it. It loads 100 percent shows bonus I push spin and nothing but audio. And froze screen.

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