If Lebron loses heartbreaking NBA finals does he stay?


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Sep 26, 2009
Denver, Colorado
Will Lebron still stay if Cavs lose very close NBA finals?

Such tough question i think...I think he stays if cavs dont win it..

I think he goes if Cavs win it all..He gives his city a title and takes a new challenge.

I think he'll stay with the Cavs, because he'll come to realize that it won't be so great having to share the ball with Wade, cutting into both of their numbers, and not being the MAN each and every day.

Personally, I completely dislike the way he's going about all of this.

That team & city would and will do everything for him to stay, nevermind that it's his hometown, and have made such efforts as to surround him with a line-up that best suits his talents, even when those players aren't exactly great. Yes, great with him as the centerpiece, but they're nothing special without him as the helm.

I would liken this line-up to the one that Iverson had surrounding him back in the early '00s w/Larry Brown as the coach. If you take Iverson away from that particular group of players, they'd stink while those players had little to no trade value. Basically, they're all role players and had accepted being bit players. But, they would do EVERYTHING to make Iverson happy, even if it hurt their numbers. Guys like Tyrone Hill, Raja Bell (before he became the Kobe stopper), Matt Geiger (before his early retirement), Todd MacCulloch (before his VERY early retirement), Aaron McKie, George Lynch, Eric Snow, and of course, Dikembe Mutombo. By that point in their respective careers, they were all role players. Iverson couldn't work with a Stackhouse or a Larry Hughes (which he certainly could have used), because he's a total ball hog. Dynamic player, exciting, creative, spectacular, sure, but a total hog with making incredibly poor decisions with the ball, game after game.

Which is exactly the type of team that a point/power guard/forward like James needs, because he might be that type of player where he must carry the ball in almost every situation. Is LeBron greater than Iverson? Yes. Is he a better 'team' player than Iverson? Yes. Does he make better decisions with the ball? Yes. Does he hog the ball too much like Iverson? Well, yes. At least he shoots the ball well enough at this point in his career, something that Iverson could never really do, but there really isn't any ball movement between the other members.

So, let's say that the Cavs win this year, then the city is supposed to say thank you, and best of luck with the new team/city? I'd be so pissed off if I was a Cavs fan. Why? Well, your HOF player is leaving at the height of his career (and he might not have peaked yet... as I'm certain he hasn't), and your team did everything to keep him happy, and by doing so, mortgaged the future by taking on guys like Shaq, Jamison, Mo Williams, and re-signing Varejao, guys who are pretty good in this system with LeBron, but really aren't exactly quality guys on their own.

LeBron holds the keys to everything, but he's sure put his fans through hell by playing this out. He's too interested and invested in becoming a Global Icon (which he stated), so it's hard not to think of him as being selfish. Heck, even when he passed it to a teammate, I think that he did it because he's credited for making the assist. :rolleyes:

Side Note: All of this recent talk about other teams showing major interest in J.J. Hickson is a bit puzzling to me. The guy is okay, like a nice role player off the bench, as in your 7-9 guy, but I don't see that much potential in him.


I've been reading so many times over, that LeBron is a combo of Magic and Jordan. I don't think so. I would think that he's a hybrid of:

- Shaq (35%)

- Oscar Robertson (25%)

- Magic Johnson (15%)

- Len Bias/Shawn Kemp/Bernard King (25%)

Shaq is the most, because of his way of having fun in being the STAR attraction. Also, like Shaq, LeBron is a freak-of-nature, but who's not necessarily 120% committed to winning a Championship every time he wakes up in the morning.

Oscar Robertson is there, because he's a high scorer, who's really more of a shooting guard, but was the team's facilitator, therefore, he's often viewed as a point guard. Like James, he was a triple-double threat each and every game. Although LeBron's defense is overrated, it's light-years ahead of where it was at even just 2 years ago, which was something Robertson was very good at (shutting down his man).

Magic Johnson is there, because he made the game fun on the court, he had great vision, so I would think that James is very similar to Johnson in those regards. They're both about 6-9 with PFs bodies; although James is much more sculpted.

And the remaining percentage goes to a mix of Bias/King/Kemp, for a combination of freakish athleticism (Kemp), tremendous power with a strong center of gravity (King and probably someone like a Wes Unseld), and all of that with a nice touch that one wouldn't attach to that type of physical specimen (Bias).

LeBron James probably has the most complete body, make-up, of anyone who's ever been in the game. But you know what, there's just one piece of him missing. With all of his gifts, he doesn't have that killer instinct that Larry Bird had, that Kobe has, or that Jordan had.

Jordan didn't have all of the tools that James had, but you know what, he didn't need them. He had everything he needed to win, and he got in people's heads like no other player before or after him. James may be more physically impressive that Jordan, but he doesn't have (and never will) have Jordan's fire. Jordan was an absolute killer out on the court. Maybe he wasn't the nicest guy to his teammates, but they did exactly what he needed out of them, because he wasn't going to let his team down. They knew that, and his opponents knew that. LeBron is too nice of a guy to have that kind of an edge. He can dominate a game, but not on the level that Jordan was able to do each and every game that he played in. LeBron will end up with greater stats, but he won't reach Jordan's percentages, or his dominance.

Jordan created his path, LeBron's was almost handed to him. His story can and never will be as interesting as Jordan's, therefore he'll never surpass Jordan's legacy.



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