Idea to get around US ban


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Oct 6, 2006
here's just a thought on how to not "gamble" online.

have a web site similar to neteller or firepay, but the difference is this; you pay them any amount you wish for your daily horoscope, lucky number, fortune, or heck, even a daily prayer. this will be sent to you in your email conformation for " payment for service"

now, this site will give you, as a FREE GIFT, credit in the same amount as your purchase to the "entertainment" site of your choice. once at the site, you can use credits to play games for entertainment purposes. if you happen to gain credits in addition to or instead of your original credits, you can have credits refunded back to your "credit pool" at the original web site. these credits can then be redeemed for great prizes like a ruler, thumbtack, rubberband, or cash in a one credit to one dollar ratio.

there, see, i didn't gamble because i did not use any money (i bought a product). the neteller site is clear because my money was not sent to a gambling site. and the casino is clear because they did not accept any money from a US citizen, neteller paid them with their funds which they already had from profits from sales.

and lastly, all winnings were paid to me from redemption credits from neteller, not a casino.

this is kind of a raw idea, but you should get the jist of it.
interesting concept.... I am trying very hard at the moment to get the company I work for to open an official casino etc on "second life". It was said on TV a couple of days ago that second life does not come under the new act. Meaning people could happily transfer their US dollars to linden dollars and gamble quite happily and legaly. There will always be a way around these kind of things. For instance a "credit" based poker site, very risky but no money would be transfered illegally. just an invoice to be paid monthly! that'd get round it.

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