I Freakin' LOVE This Place!!


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This new place, Golden Shower Casino, is probably the coolest yet! Huge payouts and bonuses galore! Best slots, poker, and anything you can think of....I cant get enough!!! Everyones gotta check it out! Makes me wet.
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Bye spammer. Bryan, Simmo, Max, do that voodoo that you do so well!!


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Golden Showers

Well Bingo-T, trust you to have the perfect Video Clip or photo to illustrate a point. I had such a yuk at jib-jab for a bit today. I am easily distracted by humour, and I thought I had something smart-alexy to say, re: golden shower casino, but you beat me to it, and were funnier.

Spam, spam, spam, spam. Always in Monty Python cadence.
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