I can't believe I could be so stupid!!


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I just need to vent because I'm an idiot. :(

Received a deposit bonus email today from Guts for a 100% deposit match. I was pretty excited, as I've been unable to work for a while now, and as a result, I haven't had my usual disposable income to play my usual sessions. I finally received my usual pay this week, so was pumped to get some solid play time in, and what better way to start then with a welcome coincidental email offer from Guts!

Anyway, in my stupid school boy excitement at the prospect of playing again, I neglected to check the terms as I usually always do, and like a fool I broke the max bet rule.

The worse part is, after months of constant loses, and no withdrawals since I think February (across all casinos, not just Guts), I actually started hitting some decent wins and built up a nice starting balance to have a real crack at meeting WR.

For some reason, as I don't regular use deposit bonuses at Guts, I had in my mind the bonus limit from Next and Luck Casinos, which is $10 for their monthly reload.

I'm so upset with myself for making such a stupid rookie mistake. Furthermore, I'm now concerned that I have made myself look bad in the eyes of Guts, as I have remained a loyal customer, and I don't want them to now think I am a bonus abuser or advantage player.

I contacted support straight away as soon as I realized, and sent Tony the rep here, a PM to apologize.

Just shows how easy we can go from being on such a high, to crashing hard from a self imposed blunder.

Anyway, not much I can do but cry a little, vent to my friendly forum pals, and learn a hard lesson for the second time in my playing days.



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Well maybe they look the other way,also because you told them right away after you realized... :)
So I hope it works out well for you buddy...
Guts is not the place where they mangle people and I am sure they look to these cases on a personal basis...

So I am confident they might work something out for you...
I will root for ya buddy! :thumbsup:


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Just like to say this mistake by me had a very fast and happy ending! Reminds me of my first relationship, lol.

Due to Guts having the greatest support team on the planet (sucking up? Yes), I was informed that a search of my history showed it was a genuine mistake, and not a series of prolonged illegal bets to gain an advantage.

This just made my day, and I'm so wrapped and thankful that the Guts team (and Tony in particular) were so kind and understanding. I honestly expected my winnings to be forfeited, and a harsh lesson re-learnt. Lucky to dodge a bullet this time around.

A massive and gratuitous thank you to all involved. You've made a fool's weekend. :thumbsup:

Just another example why it's so important to re-check terms, even if it's one of your regular sites.

Can't believe I've finally had some luck my way. :D


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Hehe good man yourself...I am glad for you and another example of exquisit Guts customer care! :thumbsup:


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I would like to commend you on handling this situation the correct way!!!!!! You didn't come in and start a thread about confiscating your winnings, how terrible they are, etc.

You admitted your mistake, contacted not only support but the rep, and the outcome was in your favor. :notworthy Hats off to Guts!!!!

Just imagine if everyone confronted their situation this way.


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Wow!! In 9 out of 10 casinos a happy ending in this case is not even discussable. Thumbs up for GUTS!!


Grats Azzurri, glad to hear it worked out. Guts as quickly risen from an unknown to one of the most solid NetEnt sites. From what I understand they hired Ben Clemes from Nordicbet as casino manager and they have a huge betting section. I consider them the new Betsafe.


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What I can't believe is you haven't been that stupid before, lol.

I think most of us have made such errors at one point or another.

I've made a few accidental large bets in my time, mind you none has ever resulted in a big win.

It is important to stop as soon you you realize it and contact support.

I've been told to carry on in all but one instance, where my balance and bonus were restored to start point for a "do over".


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WOW....hats off to guts.....and congrats to you.....nice one! :thumbsup:

Wish more and more casinos would adopt "Guts" way of operating!