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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
MG slots seem to have developed a bout of Hypothermia:mad:

begin rant:

It is VERY hard to get any kind of bonus round, and this is repeated slot after slot, session after session, and casino after casino.

The chance of getting a bonus round has been calculated as being around 150 spins or so, but this is now behaving as an absolute MINIMUM, not an average, and even on slots where bonus rounds tend to be more frequent. The very few bonus rounds I have had have been absolute CRAP.

As this software is random, this has NOTHING to do with my recent hits on VP and the one on Munchkins.
What are the odds of this happening on several DOZEN consecutive slot selections spread over different games, casinos, and days.
It is like one big OFF switch has been thrown for all MG slot games at all casinos since my Munchkins win (as if somehow the software knows me and have conspired to even out the percentage - it certainly does this global "knowing you over unrelated casino accounts" when it comes to the MG Multiplayer tournaments).
VP has been better, with a couple of nice hits, including the 4K one on DDB 4-UP.

My Neteller is now EMPTY:mad: (well, 49 pence then:p)

You may wonder what happened to the 5000 cashin from JF VIP Lounge from that VP hit?

GUESS WHAT!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

end rant:
end post:
close session:
end session:
defenestrate computer:
defenestrate other computer:
defenestrate myself:

(only kidding: - that new PC cost me over 1400:D)

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