HYPE, Get your act together.


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Mar 10, 2005
Ok, it's been 18 days since Neteller has stopped US citizens from using their service to transfer money to casinos.

HYPE has not:

1. Changed their website to reflect these changes in deposit methods.
2. Changed their software to do the same.

How long does it take??? Other casinos have not had an issue in alerting players. Hell, HYPE even lists Firepay as an option to deposit for USA players. They stopped accepting gambling transactions MONTHS before Neteller.

Not only do they still offer Neteller and Firepay as deposit options within the casino, they still recommend a player to use Neteller to deposit if their credit/debit card is declined (see below screenshot taken a few minutes ago).

I'm not even going into them either turning a blind eye, or not being able to figure out why players balances change to some weird number - either having a negative balance, or $888,888.88.
I really have to agree... I love the software but there are some obvious bugs that they are neglecting to fix.. as well as some major, very important site updates needed that again are being neglected. I guess Villento wants my money more :p
Hype Has Serious Software Problems BEWARE

I just experienced my second serious software problem within Hype casino bonus games. While playing mushroom game I got 4 symbols and went to bonus screen it stated I had 5 picks. after my first pick it said I had 4 left. After my third pick it said I had ONE. I inquired and they said take screen shot and send to technical department. Of course unacceptable. Later they said I was over rewarded initially and sent me to paytable page 2. Has anyone gone to their pay tables? to get to page 2 you need to click on paytable a second time? is that strange or what? they is no reference to this. It's like a riddle that they can fall back on if prompted or the necessity to do so. I was robbed of a portion of a bonus 3 weeks ago in the pirate game. they gave me 25.00 which I now preceive to have been "hush money"
what could be worse then being given a bonus and than have it taken away.
what you are not discovering and what else is wrong is probably alarming and costing us thousands. When asked to provide a scree shot they admitted they had a log on their data base. why doesn't hype provide game logs, or history we can access like any other software or casino . that is strange suggests dark things. Is hype run by a bunch of crooks developing cute gay games like fuzzy animals and mushrooms?
I also read about incorrect balances and other oddities

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