How To Blog?


Ueber Meister

Since I have worked on my reality/competition programs list for more than 2 months, I think it would be much better as a blog.

How do I do such a thing?

Also, is there a program (preferably on my pc already) that can take all the lists in my "thread" and

incorporate together into one alphabetised and re-number them? Am I asking for too much????:D


aka LooHoo
Click on Meister Blogs, and then there should appear a list of links under the menu - click on 'my blog' and then there's a button labeled 'create new post' or 'create new blog' or something like that.

As for alphabetizing your list, there are lots of tools online to do that - just google it. First you have to get rid of all the numbers, then copy and paste everything to one of the online tools, alphabetize it then renumber them.