How about Grand Online Casino?



Has anyone ever played there? What's the word on them? There are several "Grand Casino" names out there but the one I'm talking about is at

I'm hoping for LOTS of input here... since the last casino I liked turned out to be a real turd.


~ D
Also a Golden Palace - as is "sixshooter" "go" "depot" and vegas web casino.

Yes they offer good startup bonuses but play at your own risk with a knowledge of the history.

If the propreitary software is Boomerang it is likely to be a GP related casino.

"grand online casino" + "palace casino" which are both sisters of "golden palace", made me loose by switching from single deck to six without any announcment last March. even though they agreed giving me back what I lost since the change and let me cash-in and closed my account.
you can read all about it in:
in their message board on Apr 3th
I've been waiting for over two months for my credit card to be refunded and my check to arrive from Grand Online

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