Hi everyone !

James R.

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Hi everyone ,
I am an author of the book series Fly Me To the Moon Visual Roulette Prediction Series (MiNi,MeGa & GeGa),also the developer and owner of The Roulette GeGa mobile application which the world’s first and only unique app that explains the Visual Roulette Prediction proven and tested winning Roulette Strategy. Based on 30 years Casino experience working as a roulette Dealer I will provide you with an insider knowledge on how the game of Roulette works and how it is designed.

I'm glad I've stumbled on this forum ! Hope to share a lot from you !



can turn wine into water
Hi and welcome.
Though you won't find many (hopefully any) 'buyers' on said 'proven prediction' system (oh, this brings me back to johnny lol).
As to surfing, enjoy. As to flogging a system, you won't get positive feedback among this educated lot.