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Howdy Guys . i would like to introduce my self to this forum . i have been busy working for Casinos for the past 30 years of my life and never had the chance to join forums . i am sure i will meet nice people here .
i am the author of Fly Me to the moon Visual roulette prediction series.
i have taught so many dealers and player to win at roulette each and every spin. just 1 second after the release of the ball you will know where the ball will fall 90% accuracy .
My Book is top selling roulette system in the world.
i am available here for any questions .

James McArthur

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don't u wonder....."30 years experienced Roulette Croupier" with a system to win....

If that was me I'd be on my yacht.....parked just outside macau taipa...............oblivious even to the existence of such forums......sipping on my martini.......

anyone else want to add on.....


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Roulette systems are bogus - those who sell them are con artists and snake oil salesmen.

You came to the wrong forum to peddle your bullshit. Bye.

Says he's from the USA - yet his IP address points to Jordan. :rolleyes:


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Just my thoughts

I think we should give the guy a brake..i wanted to check this guy's system coz he is giving away a free book on his website, the book has a lot of grammar mistakes and sometimes it is hard to understand..anyone could tell its was poorly written. However it has some really hard to ignore points about the mechanics of roulette and the wheel physics..i might be wrong...but his system worked for me to a certain extent...I have been loosing money with every system i bought out there...but not with this (FREE) one so far...maybe it's a beginners luck
Just my personal thought...


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Yawn ^^, There is and never will be a Roulette System.

What there will be is shed loads of dosh year after year which croupiers, inspectors and pit bosses (me being ex all 3) have to sit and count at the end of every shift, night after night which has come from the pockets of people who earlier that week bought a book on how to beat roulette.


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I want to order one ticket to the Moon without roulette please dislike


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Just my thoughts

Slots are rigged.

/drops mic


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