Hi casinomeister!


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Jul 27, 2009
Hello all!

I am very glad I found this site. I am a small stakes poker player (obv aspiring to move up in levels) who was looking for a watch dog site for the poker world.
I came here basically after contemplating how full tilt poker consistently treated their players with disrespect, seizing big accounts with little justification, handling issues poorly, etc (I wasnt hurt, but I don't support that behavior). I was astounded that kind of attitude was accepted by many players, and the "poker press" seemd to say nothing about it.
Then I found this site which makes me very glad because it seems to be populated by very smart people and the level of discussion is very good.
Props to Casinomeister.com



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Aug 2, 2007
Port St lucie Florida
Welcome to the Forum :D -I too am a small stakes poker player. I never played at Full Tilt, but the stories dont sound good. I play at Poker Stars - I sometimes think the site is out to get me, but it might just be me :p

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