Hellooo Mr. Meister!! Loll


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Giggles7p here...Nice place you got!!

Heard sooo much about you in the past two years..thought i would finally come over and have a look!!

Very Very Helpful...started my own forum..and some of the info you have here will be of much help!!...If you ever need anything that little ole me can do in return for you...just yell!

Giggles :)


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It took you two years to get here?? :what:

Oh well, better late than never. Thanks for the kudos! :D


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I have to laugh at giggles it took me 6 years as I have been on the net that long and didn't come util one of the girls had a problem trying to get in touch with you .Lol should have would have come sooner if I would have known you are a hunk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lol.Well I'm off to look at post and see what I can get myself into around here.