Hello so glad I found you all!


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Hi all! Just a midwest gal who works hard and enjoys playing slots as my recreation. Have been playing for a number of years and last week was the first time I actually made enough to have an ach withdrawal at CW. I stumbled across this site when I was trying to find out information on how long it really takes to receive an ach while being a US player.

Anyone have any thoughts? Has been 6 working days and was told yesterday that it would be very soon, not sure how to interpret that.

Look forward to reading past threads-have already found a lot of good information from seasoned players!



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Hi Harrys (harriete?), welcome!
I have no idea, stay strong though and don't you reverse the withdrawal! :thumbsup:


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Welcome Harrys99 and congrats on your win at CW!:thumbsup:

You will be paid and CW is reliable. They are an accredited casino here. I initially had some hiccups when I first started there (reversed my funds without notifying me) and they redeemed themselves quickly. I would say your funds will be in any day now. Just keep checking your bank account. Not sure if you can receive a check in your state but that seems to be a tad quicker from my experience.

Best wishes!


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Thank you

I will stay strong. I don't even think I can reverse since it is in the "in Process" stage to my bank. I did send an email this morning asking if they could define the term "very soon".

thanks for the encouragement-I chose CW because of their good reputation. I have been playing with them for 1 1/2 yrs and this is my w/d with them. (ie I have spent 3 times as much in the casino as what this one w/d is) But that's to be expected with games of chance.


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Just wanted to share that the very kind cashier rep at CW just responded that the processor has been delayed and that he thought I should definitely (his words) have funds in my bank in 5 more working days at the latest.

Thought it was commendable that I rec'd a fairly fast response to my inquiry.

Sounds like it will happen eventually.;)


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Hi Harry! Welcome to Casinomeister! :) I'm sure Clubworld will pay you, sometimes there are glitches beyond their control. Good Luck!


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Welcome Harry. CW is usually faster than that, but stuff happens, and I think you can trust their word.

Take a deep breath and plan something nice to do with your win while you are waiting.


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I'm new here too. Welcome to CM

This is definitely the best gaming forum on the web. The only regulation this industry has is the power of truth as spread in legitimate forums by the players.

I'm confident CW will come through as promised by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.


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Hi harrys99,

I hope everything has worked out by now. Thanks for joining us :D