Have a question about RTG software provider


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I am a bit surprised that RTG software provider has not been placed in the Rogue list.??? :confused: . Is there some reasons?


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Yes there are.

Reason #1. Software providers will be placed in the rogue section for either providing software that has bugs, flaws, and is untrustworthy. In other words, it has the tendency to cheat the player. Casinobar is an example, so is the B3Wgroup.

RTG does not have cheating software...

Reason #2: Software providers will get tossed into a rogue catagory if they are ripping off creative property of others. Wager21 and 3wgraphics.

As far as I can tell, RTG relys on its own creative efforts to produce their games.

#3: Software providers will be rogued if they have a history of not taking actions against the rogueness of their evil licensees. GSS for an example (Futurebet is next). Updating has been very timeconsuming.

Now RTG has been towing the line for some time. If you can recall over the past couple of years, I have been either accepting RTG complaints from players, or turning them down. For a while, I wouldn't accept any, mainly because of the nonresponsiveness of many of their operators. It was a waste of my time to pursue a majority of the complaints that came my way. But on the other hand, I have a good working relationship with a number of main RTG staff who have been able to put either put a boot up the ass of some of their rogue operators, or just encouraged them to get their ducks in order.

I've been seeing some improvements behind the scenes, and I am privy to both sides of the coin, thus to blacklist the whole kit and kaboodle here would not be in the best interest of the player, even though they have come close on a number of occassions to be blanket blacklisted.


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Wow! Thank you for your quick and detailed answer,...

RTG Software are easy, fun to play and fast to download.

",..., thus to blacklist the whole kit and kaboodle here would not be in the best interest of the player, ...

Anyway I play sometimes on a RTG site which have a good reputation,...