New Slot Announcement Harley Davidson Freedom Ride by IGT


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Jan 7, 2010
So its a 100% copy of WHEEL OF FORTUNE just with harley davidson, good to see providers keeping up there redoing slots with new skins.


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May 22, 2012
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92% RTP to start? On my never play list before it's even released.

With respect that's a common misconception. The range occurs because of unlocking features but it makes next to no difference to the game you play. I'll explain - say a slot like TS2 has 14% of its RTP dedicated to bonus rounds, you play an 80-odd percent game most of the time it's still acceptable. Immortal Romance - you probably play that with an advertised RTP of 96% yet you are in fact playing a 92-93% slot as 2-3% is reserved for those huge 4-5 reel Wild Desire features. Another example IGT's Cleopatra. Land based is 92% because they remove 4% by not having a 2x stake pay for 2 scatters and you really DO notice the effect in the short-term when you play the land-based game. But let's say they skimmed 4% by halving the 2 top pays for 5 Wilds and 5 scarabs with a Wild - you'd probably never even notice!

This is why RTP figures can make peoples anuses twitch like a rabbit's nose. If RTP is so vital to a player then when they play a slot they'd be better off playing a 3-reeler like BDBank which has no feature so pays a flat 95-96% from the off.

This slot tends to throw in a lot of random Truck Wild features too when you are getting the trail complete and they thin out when it's finished. You only need 1500 bonus scatters to land to open up the features and I doubt that will take more than 2000 spins.