Grand Royal Casino offline?


Dormant account
Jul 22, 2004
Cincinnati, OH USA
Yesterday I redeemed a n/d coupon to try the software. It redeemed fine and I could look at my account history. I received a confirmation email 'congratulating' me on successfully redeeming a coupon. After the games would load an error message box pops up stating, "cannot connect to server". I emailed cust. support but to no avail. Other players also having the same difficulty and no response from the casino.

This is a relatively new casino...anyone have any info on this new problem? I even redownloaded and installed and the same thing happens.

I just feel badly for those that may have deposited and cannot play. Does it seem fair that if a casino is offline for maintenance (assuming that this is the reason) that their cashier should still work while the games don't? The tickertape at the top also scrolls by advertising all their bonuses and coupon codes.

Oh yeah, and one last thing....there is a reference to 'live chat support' with a link to click but when you are directed to that page, there is no live support chat button to click on.

like the cliche, 'first impressions are lasting ones'.

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