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Oct 6, 1999
The ADMIN of (Antoine) recently tested (owned by Grand Dominican) and found that the payouts are slow and the server is rigged.

He received 15 consecutive losses in blackjack before calling it quits. (NO wins in between)
His message was posted on 1/22/00 at

Playbig Casino is a theme based casino only, and all actual betting takes place on the Grand Dominican server. The owner is: Technologia JPR, S.A. and uses software developed by HANDA-LOPEZ. This server has not been upgraded since the
California offices of HANDA-LOPEZ were busted by federal authorities. Most HANDA-LOPEZ licensees were shut down after the raid, except for Grand Dominican and Starluck, which had severs outside of the United States. Grand Dominican now runs theme based casinos which use THE SAME server.

I've always wondered why Casinomeister and IGC have each given its seal of approval to Grand Dominican.
Hi all,

The last I remember about the round of accusations concerning Handa Lopez and all had to do with what Claude Levy was doing smearing the names of many reputable casinos, Grand Dominican being one of them. (You can read about my own experiences with Mr. Levy Old URL

Perhaps this issue of software/servers fell between the cracks in this case. I'll check it out to see what's up.

good man Bryan you are not that bad really,
ps how are you adjusting back to the simple life back in Germany??
In regards to the above comments, TecnologiaJPR licenses casinos and offers hosting to its licensees. We have been doing so for over 2 years now. This is the reason that similar servers are used and is a common practice for companies providing hosting services.

All of the servers are updated, hardware as well as software, on a regular continuous basis. We find the above comments a groundless attack and stand behind our reputation.

As for the software, the software was developed by handa lopez, but the relationship ended there. TecnologiaJPR is a complete, reputable entity.

Barry Wilson
There is no such thing as an honest handa lopez casino. If they made your software, no matter how honest you are. The software is bogus. Look at your stats and you will see. Handa Lopez?

There is no such thing as a groundless attack on any casino that handa lopez had to do with. Remember they are the same ones that programmed the software not to give out the jackpots.

The relationship ended there? Dont they get a cut off the action in the casino?
Barry, your company (TechnologiaJPR) should have fully investigated Handa-Lopez before deciding to continue running thier software.

You do have a good rep for paying customers and answering emails.

However, what I stated in my last message cannot be denied. The ADMIN of had a consecutive losing streaks of 15 hands of blackjack on your server.

Although your company does credit customers credit cards back quickly, I have heard reports of players waiting up to 6 WEEKS to receive checks from you. Once a credit card is refunded up to the full amount of all deposits, the player must WAIT, WAIT, and wait some more for the check.
We are very much aware that there are some very strong opinions regarding Handa-Lopez software. As previously mentioned, our servers and software have been upgraded and we have made propriety changes to the software to make sure that all games and payouts are fair. We also realize that there is nothing that we will ever be able to do that will change some of your opinions.

The bottom line is our Casino is fair and honest. Our customer support is top notch and returns are processed quickly. We are sorry that there are some that do not understand the past relationships with Handa-Lopez. Once some hear "Handa-Lopez", nothing else seems to matter. Again, we stand behind our reputation.


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