DoubleDown Casino On Facebook/Buyer Beware!!!!!


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Oct 4, 2012
San Diego
In what used to be the best casino on Facebook, Doubledown Casino was purchased by IGT for the sum of $500,000,000 in January of 2012. Doubledown Casino reviews touted it as "The Monster of Facebook" hence IGT's purchase of $500M. Doubledown Casino (Here-in-after DDC), is a Facebook Application (Here-in-after FB), which allows players to purchase "Virtual Chips" to play online games such as poker, black jack, texas hold-em, bingo, slots, etc...DDC was founded in 2010, in which players ranted and raved about how fun the casino was to play, was a free site to play, and shared and liked the casino to all of their FB friends which grew the company by leaps and bounds and reached over 5 million players. My personal experience was that DDC was the best gaming site on the internet where you could easily win hundreds of millions of chips and had great payouts. Enter Internet Gaming Technology (Here-in-after IGT), a land based operation in Nevada), which paid $500M for DDC. A few months after the aquisition and IGT took control of DDC, players were threw into a tailspin. It became quickly obvious that IGT had evil plans for DDC, which was IGT's full intention to exploit a loop-hole in the laws against online gambling in the United States. Free-play on DDC was reduced to playing for free with daily gift spins and 3 gifts from playing friends, which gave you approximately 30 seconds of free-play and you would be oput of chips. Before IGT purchased DDC, you could have hours and hours of playing the games and players got used to doing this for 2 years before it was purchased by IGT. So players are now offered chip packages where they can purchase virtual chips for various amounts from 150k chips for $3, 750k=$8, 2.5M=$18, 12M=$39, 35M=$59, 100M=$99. My advice to any player who choses to purchase chip pkgs? We calculated the average player experience after purchasing chips = approx $240 per hour to play. Caveat Emptor! Which means Buyer Beware! DDC is still advertised by itself and FB as "Free to Play". My personal experience with 2.5 billion chips, yes 2.5 billion chips, which would be equal to $2,500.00 in real money for that many chips. My chips disappeared in less than 1 week of playing. DDC engages in extremely shady dealing and slot play. For instance... I was playing Texas Hold-em and was dealt AA, AK, and AQ for 300 consecutive hands in a row. That in itself is shady dealing, but to lose EVERY SINGLE HAND of those AA AK & AQ hands is statistically impossible unless crooked and shady dealing is happening at the tables. And that is exactly what happened, I lost every single hand of those 300 hands of getting dealt AA AK & AQ. Because of scenarios exactly like this, IGT changed the "Terms of Service" (without nobody knowing they changed it), which is the players agreement in August of 2012, which states pretty much they can do as they please with no repercussions and play at your own risk. Another scenario I experienced was I suspect DDC techs being able to sit at the poker table with you using a fake identity and fake player avatar. How I know this is it happened two days in a row. Normal players like me have a chip total in my account, in which when this chip count is depleted, I either have to purchase more chips, or I cant play anymore as I have no chips to play with. Players can click on the opposing players avatar at the poker table and that gives you their total chip count. I personally use this as a tool when playing in determining how I bet because players with less chips are less likely to make a call for fear of losing all their chips. On two successive days I played Texas-Hold-em, I clicked on players avatars and they had a "Zero Balance" in their account, and the only chips the players had was what was on the table. I won all their chips on the table, yet they were able to rebuy back into the game with no chips in their account. The only way this is possible is you have to be a tech and be over-riding a system game function. Never-the-less, that player was able to rebuy and win everybody's chips at the table. As for the slots, I was playing Da Vinci Diamonds and lost 80 million chips in successive spins w/o not one pay, all empty spins in a row. Thing was it didn't used to be that way. The problem got so bad that players revolted and started filing complaints with the FTC, BBB's, Attorney Generals Office, and FB Admin. DDC was now in full ripoff mode and would deplete you chips as fast as you bought them, and players felt they just weren't getting their moneys worth for what is supposed to be a free site to play on. What DDC and IGT had basically done was exploit the loop-hole in the laws against online gambling, by taking advantage of the "Virtual Chip" buying which is legal, but with absolutely no regulation governing their actions on payouts and their new terms of service which they wrote themselves and told nobody they changed it, they found a license to steal, and that they did on a grand scale and it continues to this day. With no regulations in place, and no rules to follow but their own, this is a recipe for disaster for the players as they have no protections or place they can turn for probs such as disappearing chips, shady and crooked play, complaints, and the like. With online gambling more than likely becomming legal next year in all
50 states in which it sits in front of a lame-duck congress as we speak, the Nevada Gaming Commission issued licenses to 6 gaming corporations for paving the way for legalized online gambling at the federal level in which online gambling would generate a federal tax. One of those 6 corporations was IGT itself. Obviously, SouthPoint Corp was given the "Go-Ahead" by the Nevada Gaming Commission to pave the way 1st before IGT and the 4 others would get a crack at it. This was done because it's widely known by all the IGT players that IGT is as crooked as it gets, and the gaming commission wanted to be sure that things went smoothly before IGT and the rest came aboard, to avoid issues of impropiety like whats going on in DDC at the moment. My question is, if IGT has commited all these acts of impropiety with fake chips in DDC, what are the implications going to be using real money? My opinoin is that IGT cant be trusted as clearly shown and needs oversight and stiff regulations and onsite monitoring 24 hours a day at all times before any license is issued by the federal government. Not only that, but there is also a serious need for player protections in the Purchase of "Virtual Chips" and regulations need to be implemented and regulations need to be established and protected 24 hours a day. This exploitation of players by IGT in the virtual chip arena such as DDC, has amounted to acts of criminality stealing chips from players as fast as they purchase them, and something really needs to be done about it as players as consumers have no protections in place, and IGT is taking full criminal advantage of that and needs to be stopped.
Even more complaints about Double Down Casino Funny the fans wouldn't even mind and never did mind paying for chips...if the Casino would be responsible, honest and have inegrity again. but for now they are being seen as a corrupt group with technical issues that always land in their favor great post:thumbsup:
The sad part with the OP's post is that noone will probably read it.
No matter how important it is for you, I wouldn't bother with a text looking like that. Sorry, but you have to make it easier to read.
Max they are two new members posting about the same thing.
Or are they the same person?

Yeah, I'm asking the same question. I hope this is not some guy who registered two accounts just so he could post the same kind of complaint twice. We'll investigate further ... soonish.
Yeah, I'm asking the same question. I hope is not some guy who registered two accounts just so he could post the same kind of complaint twice. We'll investigate further ... soonish.

I believe they are the same that posted on CM's Facebookpage. I think he invited them over:)
Another post from a guy who apparently can't actually either A can't be bothered to contact support to get his chips that he requested, or B can't be bothered to contact Facebook directly to get a refund.
Chips in this game just don't go missing, nor do they purposely take the game down for repeatedly maintenance just to piss the players off. When there doing maintenance there adding features, improving on the ones they have, and fixing the glitches people have found. This is one of the bigger games on Facebook so of course there going to have there fair share of problems, that need to be fixed. Yet they just don't go into a players balance and remove chips on a whim because they can. Rest assured, I'm pretty sure this is a complaint from someone who is disgruntled and decided there tired of throwing away chips on a game that has no real return for there money.
I would suggest either contacting support, and if that yields no result, then contact Facebook themselves. They'll help you get your issue resolved.
I really don't see much validity to this complain either, I'm guessing it might be the same person because it's the same basic issue.
Right now I have over $6 million in fake chips, and they haven't disappeared in over 3 months.
I'm sure there was probably something interesting in that first post, but OMG!!!! my eyes! I play at Double Down on rare occasions (using my daily credits, never buy's not like you cash them in for real money...)

To foggiehat, you may want to employ the use of your spacebar (it's that long bar located under all the letter keys) once in awhile. Also, try making paragraphs? Just might get members to read your posts, instead of offering up (constructive) criticism...
I accidently opened a program once with notepad. It looked similar to that original post. I didn't read that either.

I actually thought this was the thread that's already running about this pretend casino.

I'm still not clear why people are complaining about pretend chips.

If I knew people were willing to buy casino chips and play with no withdrawal option I would have started my own casino years ago.
Those who seem to have a problem with IGT and some virtual pretend casino on Facebook... please send a private message to the IGT rep Link Outdated / Removed. Please be polite and succinct and give him/her time to reply. If you do not hear from the rep in a day or so, please let Bryan/Casinomeister know the rep is unresponsive.

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