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I just found a online casino that can allow me to be a dealer , and we will be win when other player lose . It's a good chance for our gamblers. They are crazy !

The url is as below :

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Please hkhungfai, read the posting guidelines before making posts that are spammish in nature; unless of course you want to be strung up and crucified in public. (Doesn't this sound familiar?) (will people ever learn??)

Dear admin:

Is there any such thinh as the "E Gaming Commission"? I check out hkhunjfai website and I notice this new commission. No other commission like the OPA or Gaming Commission was listed. So is there a such thing, it sounds made up to me. :eek:

PS: Will I ever here from you about that old problem with Proc Cyber?(personal)
Listed as "Approved" casinos on this "E-Gaming Commission" site:
Recently approved sites

Nude Girl Casino
Windows Casino
Winward Casino
Hampton Casino
Butterfly Casino
SlotsVegas Casino & Sportsbook
The Online Casino & Sportsbook
World Sports International
Worlds Most Trusted online Gambling Site
Colonyclub casino and sportsbook
Gamblers Guide Online
Goldenballs Casino
Betterworld Online Charitable Casino
21st Century Online Casino
Rainforest Online Charitable Casino
Fixed Odds Trading
Cyber Casino New Zealand
Play And Deal Casino
U1 Online Casino
Poker Time Casino
Cleopatra Palace Casino
Casino Eclipse
Playersland Casino
Elephant Casino
Golden Island Casino
Gold Magic Casino
Gold Palm Casino
Grand Golden Casino
Magic Gold Casino
Magic Palm Casino
Yellow Stone Casino
Powerbet Casino
Win Again Casino
Black Rhino Casino
Golden Desert Casino
Imperial Star Casino
Rolling Rock Casino
Aaa Online Casinos
Big Shot Casino
Internet Casino

I personally see a few "LOSERS" on that list,
most notably "Black Rhino".

I give them a "THUMBS DOWN" !! :uhoh:
Dear all,

I guess some of you have not read my exposs concerning the Egaming commission (it's mostly all archived in this forum and in my newsletter/webcasts). The Egaming commission is a "fake" watchdog agency operated by the owners of Windows Casino. I won't offer ad space here to any casino that displays this logo.

Babysister - I'll be tackling your problem early this week.


(Message edited by admin on November 18, 2002)
Windows/Friedman - the same great folks that tried to bring you the "no notification / no appeal" blacklist of players....
I've been bonus hunting at Windows over the past several months despite it being on the OPA's Not Recommended list. I did quite a bit of research on numerous message boards before making the decision to play there. It seems that Tony Friedman is paying everyone lately, but if you use too many coupons, too often, he will ban you from all promos. This just happened to me.

Also, if you win too much there, on a consistant basis, he will lock your account (but will still pay winnings)

All in all, I made a pretty penny there, and am not sorry I played there. The payouts were quick, and the support through AOL online chat was decent. So, no real complaints.

Do I think he should still remain on the Not Recommended List? YES. The phony Egaming commission is just one reason. Another is the database of bonus hunters he collected. Simply put, the guy just has no ethics.

But, on a positive note, his site offers some great bonus coupons on a regular basis, and there is money to be made, as long as he doesn't revert to his old methods of seizing money from legit players.

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