Casino Complaint GOLDSPINS: WhiteHat casinos, 3500& confiscated.


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Nov 29, 2016

I opened an account a long time ago, i opened account in GBP, because then he opened the account
currency is automatically selected when opening an account, I always do and undo deposits in GBP
currency, many deposits and withdraws money many times, there are always processed, once asked a
chat or you can have an account in GBP, it was ensured that the choice of currency to be a player
and I have currency in GBP, and such currency may be to my account.

a few days ago, I won a large sum of about 3500&, making a deposit of 35&.

today received an e-mail that he could not open an account in GBP, and they withdraw my deposit,
confiscating all winnings, actually found now a provision in the rules, but I'm not sure that he was
when he opened the account, and the most shocking is that the casino allows for many months deposit
/ withdraws the GBP and when a player wins a large sum, closes the account and returns only a
deposit, I had the account dozens of deposits and withdraws in GBP and always they let me play in
this currency .

my account verified long ago, at the beginning, then the casino did not mind that my account is in


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Jan 22, 2013
This is a tough one as the rules states you must open and maintain a player account in the primay currency of your country.

All my accounts were opened in EURO under a UK address several years ago and since they introduced the currency rule I made sure in writing that I was allowed to continue to play in Euros. They responded to me saying that EUROS was allowed for UK players.

If what you have stated is true about previous withdrawals, then they have done this because you have won a large sum which is more concerning.


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May 22, 2012
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There was actually a rule amendment at Caddell sites IIRC a while back concerning currency. I think it was primarily because the bonuses (where not unlimited as some of their sites are) were worth more in £'s. Anyway, I would hazard a guess you have not deposited there in a long time until this recent win, and maybe the rule change came in your absence. Despite this, I think it's crap that they allowed a UKP deposit from Polska.