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Jul 25, 2006
Hartsdale, NY
Holy on.... is reporting that GoldenPalace will be shutting their doors to US casino players due to legal issues. Goldenpalace was one of the last big name casinos open to the US.

(PRWEB) November 10, 2006 -- According to Compatiblepoker's U.S. poker and casino news page at Golden Palace sent out an email to affiliate partners saying they would be closing up shop for all US players.

This news came as a shock to many online gamblers who followed and played at Golden Palace. Many expected Golden Palace to stay in the US market and pick up the broken pieces after the gambling ban stormed through but this apparently is not the case.

After the gambling ban there were reports that Golden Palace was seeking extensive legal advice before a final decision was made. Many insiders felt the decision to drop US players came as somewhat of a shock. Some expected Golden Palace enact a 11 state ban like many other gaming sites have done.

Casino affiliates were told that Golden Palace players would be transferred to a casino called GoldenCasino. Golden Palace is not partners nor affiliated with GoldenCasino and many see this as an attempt to use brand recognition to send players to a casino which seems very similar, until players use the software.

There have been many unfortunate series of events for online gamblers since the gambling law passed in the US. The casinos which are staying open are generating unheard of revenues due to a steady demand level and a huge decrease in supply.

The exact date when US players will be locked out of Golden Palace has yet to be released. This information will be tracked along with all the other US online poker and casino news at

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The Professor warned in this forum Thursday that this was happening - you can usually find out what's happening at Casinomeister first!

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