golden bet club


Dormant account
Dec 1, 2009
Hyde Park, NY
Hi all,

I just joined today. I love blackjack but have recently had some unfortunate experiences with an outfit called Golden Bet Club. They claim to be located in Cyprus and I've been dealing with them for a number of months. My first withdrawal was for $2500 (most of which were winnings) - it took me about 6 weeks to get paid. The next withdrawal was also 4 figures (either 1500 or
2500) which took over a month and several e-mails back and forth. In September they gave me a $20 bonus (I didn't have to make any deposit) and I worked that up to $1000. I've been trying to withdraw that $1000 since September 19, but with no luck. I get story after story (bank holiday, it was sent but bank made a mistake) and promises by e-mail and telephone that it will be or was sent. Now they no longer answer my e-mails.
Does anyone know anything about them?


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