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Oct 6, 1999
The new version of Gold Club is a radical departure from anything else I've seen online lately. Apparently Bossmedia is not publicizing the release until more testing is done of thier software, but if anyone wants to DL it, go to:

I am a skeptic when it comes to online casinos, however, I've been using this casino for over a year and am ahead of the game. I had some major streaks in blackjack, and in Caribbean Poker.
Thier customer service is good, but I think thier $3 FEE for every withdrawal is outrageous. Also,
Gold Club never credits your card when you make a withdrawal. Instead they send you a bankdraft (check) for the full amount. Personally I prefer my credit card to be credited. (For tax purposes) Overall though, I've found this to be a legitimate operation. I've made over 20 withdrawals with no problem.
I recommend everyone here try the new multiplayer blackjack game at Gold Club. The software here is quite good, and gameplay is fast. You can play up to 3 hands at once, chat with other players at the same table, bet for as little as $1 a hand.
There's even a Casino Host that comes around every so often and goes into chat mode with you to wish you a happy holiday and ask if he can help you with anything. This is a great personal touch. I enjoyed the atmosphere there a lot.
The video poker is good too, but the cards are very small, so clicking them can sometimes be a pain. What I did find is that you use the arrows to move back and forth between video poker machines, and actually watch other players play thier machine. That's very cool. I haven't seen this anywhere else. The multiplayer roulette is OK, but with odds are 5.26% and no "in prison" rule,its a bad deal for the player. The slot machines have a progressive jackpot at all levels, and I found them to be very addicting. It even has bonus rounds; those are quite impressive.
Goldclub does not pay the welcome bonus and their support seems to be the weakest on the net!

This is the story:

A few weeks ago I downloaded the goldclub multiplayer version and registered as a new member. I had a few problems in installing their software and sent two mails to their support asking for advice. As I did not receive any reply from them I decided not to play there.

On January 24 goldclub support sent me a mail informing me that I would receive $20 in complimentary credit to my first purchase, just because it is January. As goldclub seems to belong to the reputable and reliable casinos on the net I did the download once more and this time I had no problems in installing their software. So I decided to test them and purchased credits in the amount fo $30. However I have not yet received their bonus on first purchases. This time I sent them three mails, two to the general support and one to the manager of the support asking for the welcome bonus they promised. But so far I have not received any reply from goldclub. So I am still waiting for the $20 but I do not really believe that I will ever get them.
Dear Annette,

I've forwarded your comments to Goldclub to see if they can rectify this!

Dear Annette,

I'm extremely sorry to hear that we failed in helping you. I certainly understand that this incident has angered you. Satisfied customers are important to us, and I personally wish to put everything in order again.

Please write to me at and give me your full name and the e-mail address under which you registered your account. I will then personally see to it that you receive the help you need.

Naturally, you will receive your bonus money if you registered your account during the campaign period. Please pardon our error, and give us another chance.

Kind regards,

Ms. Helen
Gold Club Casino
Dear Bryan

thank you very much for you help. I have now received my bonus money from goldclub casino.

After reading Ms. Helen's message I think the error might have ocurred because the date of my registration was not the same date as the one of my first purchase. However, I am not quite sure of that. I am still surprised that their support does not reply to emails. This is why I wonder if it could be possible that I got only paid due to the fact that I put this message into a public forum.
Dear Annette,

I assume that your last name is Dieter, which I did not wish to post in the public message forum. After reviewing our casino logs, I found that your assumtion about the bonus money error is indeed correct: your date of registration was not the same as the date of your first transaction.

Although you were technically not eligible for the bonus, the bonus amount has been awarded to your account anyway because we recognize that some error on our part may have occured in not receiving the initial e-mail message you sent to our support staff.

We give different e-mail addresses to our customers for different errands: support questions, general software information, and personal account questions and we recognize that this can result in this misdirected message.

Please contact me at, and I'll be happy to explain your account details and our support routines.

Kind regards,

Gold Club Casino
Even though I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Gold Club and other Bossmedia casinos for nearly 2 years, I disagree with you posting the player's last name in this public forum. There is no excuse for this, and you should refrain from this in the future if you want to maintain your credibility.
Dave, I really agree with you, a player's last name should not be posted in public forums or boards, I would not like to read my last name in any forum. But I am lucky, because Ms. Helen from Goldclub must have got something wrong, my last name is not Dieter.

Furthermore I do not agree with Ms. Helen, that I was not eligible for the bonus. Goldclub offered a welcome bonus in January on first deposits and not on registrations - this is at least they way it was stated in their email.

Ms Helen, may I please ask you not to put my last name into this forum, just in case you should view your casino logs again in order to investigate into the matter regarding my account or welcome bonus respectively.

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