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Hi, we currently developed an expert auto-bet software for online casinos - SuperPlayer. Player can set different prarmeters (e.g beeting amount, winning target and losing limit etc) and software automates online casino by your behalf.

Why people can only win little money or usually lose money on online casinos? Because people can't control their psychology during gamble. Casinos always give u a bit sweet at the start and make u contine. People usually always wanna get more once they win and get dysphoric and try to win the money back after they lose. But casinos won't make themselves lose big money, will they? What they probably do to their system is that they set a limit for the players' winning amount. Once your winning amount is over the limit, you have a very big chance to lose. That's how casinos control their loss and make big money.

But software can help you to overcome this disadvantage. By using SuperPlayer, we set limits for our winning/loss amount. Once we reach the up limit of our setting, software will stop chip in, and these money are then kept from losing later on. On the other hand, it also helps to control the amount we lose if we get bad luck. Easily speaking, what we trying to do is to win that bit of sweet casinos give us at the beginning and stop when we see we gonna lose. By using this kind of strategy, players ususally can win a lot from casino in a long-term view.

SuperPlayer has now been updated to 2.1 edition and is TOTALLY FREE at this moment. New edition recently supports 7 online casino sites and can work on real model on Goldenplace and GP68. During next update, more casinos sites will be added and roulette will be supported.

So just leave us your opinion, can help us to do better.

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