RIP Gary
Dec 19, 2008
Hi All
I lost my way and have been caught up in living in Malta and work and after running across Bryan at SiGMA I recalled the good ole days and people I met along the way. Some pretty great people.
So now I have the means to do a lot that I wasn’t before, which is basically testing, sharing so-called hacking tools and tactics and answering questions.
I have good info on affiliate hijacking and how to identify and prevent it. As well as a few SEo Tools and Tips.
I was an Affiliate from the 90’s through 2005 when the US came knocking so I sold Out and moved from Georgia to the UK to run an SEO company. 13 years later and here Insit in Gozo, Malta, still doing SEO.
If I can help or test a theory shoot me a PM and I’ll be adding tips, tools and some pretty cool stuff and with luck make some new friends
Hope to talk to you soon

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