Gaming-Club does it again - doesn't pay a winner


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Sep 29, 2003
Gaming - Club deny his own promotions terms again.
I registered on the 15/9 receive the signup bonus and wager the full amount which to my country is 20 times d+b in REDOG

My cash out was reversed I called the support and they told me that in their database REDOG is considered a VIDEO POKER game and video poker games are excluded to my country

I explained them that REDOG is under the category of TABLE GAMES in the casino (VIPER SOFTWARE) and even don't close to a video poker game but they insist it is video poker and deny my cash out of 700$

Shame of them for not paying a winner!

Any help will be apppreciable.

Every time this group doesn't make profits from a promotion they find an excuse not to pay, last time it was a blacklist now it is the game fault
I have never heard of Red Dog being considered a video poker game.

Nirdror, fill out a Pitch A Bitch form and the meister will try to help you.

Good Luck and I hope all works out.
I'd like to see how this turns out Nirdor. Linda7's advice on the Pitch a Bitch form is a great starting place.

I believe the Casinomeister is back from Holiday so he may be able to find out what is going on with the Gaming Club and this Red Dog issue. Have a good one.

LOL... that is totally ridiculous, Red Dog has NEVER been a video poker game.

The Meister is winging his way home - he will see this shortly.

By the way, I hope you kept copies of the emails they sent you.
For all the Emails I sent which were atleast two they only sent an email that they are going to send it to their promotion department.

The promotion department never replied.

The "redog" story was told on the phone after 5 miutes of holding.

I was shocked from the answer and ask the support to verify again and they verified it again with the promotion department

Gamingclub never send an email stating it and I don't think they will .
Ask them to send you a statement by email to the effect that Red Dog is considered a video poker game. I don't think anyone can do very much if your claims cannot be shown in writing, unless you happen to have a tape recording of the phone call.
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Not the first time casinos don't know how to categorize their games. Poker Pursuit is sometimes VP and sometimes a table game :rofl:
This is insane, reddog is certainly not a video poker game. Its not even poker! Morons. Technically I suppose you could call poker pursuit 'video poker' because it is poker and you see it on a video screen, but in my book, its a table game (since it is really just let it ride with a different name).

Gaming Club pissed me off recently too, they all of a sudden start emailing me newsletters and contest announcements after not speaking to me for probably 2 years. Even when I played there I hardly heard from them, and I stopped playing there about 2 years ago as well. Same thing with Lucky Nugget, Capt. Cooks, & Riverbelle, didn't hear sh*t from them when I was playing (even when losing), even though I'd been a member for many years (my user ID has only 4 digits at Riverbelle, that's old!). I would even write to them and ask to be on the newsletter list and get it maybe once, then nothing. My response is, I won't play at their casinos anymore.
I have been paid today

Thanks all for the time

I think it is the to help promptly after the incidence
Way too many of the casinos are finding excuses not to will be their ruin. I played at the Gaming Club a couple of years ago also. I never had a good round of play there, so haven't been back. Glad you got your money.

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