gambling online to be legal in atlantic canada!


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Jan 14, 2004
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check this out.......let the games begin!!!!!!

Website could be precursor to online gambling

An online club that has attracted 24,000 Atlantic Canadians will be used to set up one of the country's first legal Internet gambling sites if the Atlantic Lottery Corp.'s board approves the plan, the agency's president has confirmed.

Michelle Carinci, in an interview with The Canadian Press, said the website is already being used to create a database of potential online gamblers.

"If we were to go online, yes, certainly we would have a database of players that have already shown an interest . . . that we could open up the market to fairly quickly." Full story ...


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Sep 25, 2003
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Some sanity still exists:

With the rise of about 1,800 unregulated online betting sites worldwide, governments must consider whether to offer the option of online betting that is legal and controlled.

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