Gambling Federation?!?


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Jan 31, 2004
Being an Italian native I could notice that the few Italians members of this forum have very little information concerning on line gambling. And with no or wrong info the possibilities to make mistakes cannot but increase.
So I decided to make some web search in order to identify some portals in Italian, but the only results I got were linked to a strange Gambling Federation...
Everything looks weird and stupid: something really for gullible people.
Do you have any info about this GF?!?
What a pile of piss. It's evidently a Gambling Federation shill site, since all the links bring up GF downloads. And it claims "advantage roulette" play on the basis of software defects that lead to a greater probability of a winning number after sufficient hits (three consecutive) on the opposite number!

Gambling Federation up to their old tricks - excellent laugh, though.

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