Spammer! GalaCoral at it now with the lies


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Jan 28, 2016
So I thought all this type of pathetic, and immoral advertising had all but gone from casinos. Not when it comes to Coral. @AdamGala

This is one of those links that changes depending on how you access it

Outdated URL (Invalid)

Facebook ad

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Will add more below in a sec from my phone

EDIT: links don't work from my desktop for some reason, only from my mobile

Outdated URL (Invalid)

Unfortunately Coral let their accreditation here lapse years ago IIRC. This is one of those vile 'casino rewards' type BS fake news ads. I can't fucking believe this is still happening on behalf of UKGC licensed casinos. I mean Videoslots I posted (yes, what has been done about that spamming twat Dan?) then EnergyBet and now this Gala one. How on earth, given the trials I've been throughout his year as an affiliate regarding compliance, insistence on no sub-affiliates and no direct marketing, can this still be happening? I have spent ages trying to get aff. accounts to give me affy text links to bonus terms because some still haven't provided them and yet these wankers can still presumably be paid for crapola like this??? WTF?????? :confused:

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The second link above is the redirect between the page and Gala, the second is the landing page but can't see any affiliate tags.
I have also seen Karamba on there, but thats hardly surprising.
I didn't realize it was possible to get that many shills on one message. It's high time the UKGC had a dedcicated forwarding address to send this shite to.

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