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Oct 9, 2006
I am kicking arse here today guys. I like to let you know when casinos are generous and this casino is today, let me tell ya.

I deposited $30 at 10:30am EST, I am up to $436. Especially honey to the bee slot.....I hit the trigger bonus 4 times in a row, that's a first for me. It would say "feature completed" I would hit spin and boom, it hit again, I raised it 1.00 after 2 40 cent ones, it hit, I raised it to 2.00, it hit I left, went to the golden glove and lions lair and hit bonuses on those, came back to honey bee and hit a 5th time.

Very loose today. Im playing little amounts because of the stupid bonus, I still have to bet $800 before I can cash out anything, so Im thankful for all the bonuses (except when you hit a bonus, the spins are free so its a catch 22 lol) But....Im having a ball at this site today

Warning though: the regular traditional slots are lousy today with the exception of "the shark" progressive, I hit that alot too but Im not that fond of that particular game. Its a nice game to rack up wager requirments (45 cent max and a chance to hit the progressive)

Good luck tonight!!!

This is unbelievable...honestly, Im not here to boast, Im just so excited that I want you guys that play slots to do well also.

I just a bonus on Mermaid and it kept retriggering, I went and changed into warmer clothes and came back to see what I won and it said "17 spins left", it must of retriggered a couple of times because it was spinning for atleast 5 - 10 minutes (not as cool as the person who got the hour and a half on raindance on bodog) nevertheless, I ended up with over $80 and now Im at $550 instead of $450

The best ones so far today that gets the most triggers is: Mermaid, honey to the bee, golden glove, lions lair, diamond dozen and mister money

The ones that I havnt gotten any triggers all day: sunken treasure, fruit frenzy, aztec, raindance and tiger treasure
pic of latest bonus win......(same $30 dep as yest)

how do you do a screen shot? I couldnt figure it out so I took a picture of it and was gonna paste it here but that wont work. darn it...I just got a $225 bonus spin on realm of riches....Im now up to $784!!!!

I almost lost it all too, but Tziggy at play united was very nice. I went to log on this morning and it said "login not allowed, call customer service" I live chatted Tziggy and he said it was because I had another account. I didnt know this because I never heard of this ibetyoubetonline. He said they werent mad lol. I told them I was new to gambling (I consider 3 weeks new) and didnt know that you couldnt play within the same group, especially when there was just a thread about transferring money to other groups.

He turned my account back on and said "good luck", boy he gave me good karma!!!

Actually I attached it where it says "manage your attachments
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how do you do a screen shot? I couldnt figure it out so I took a picture of it and was gonna paste it here but that wont work.

There's a link (if you have the Casinomeister's toolbar installed) ...scroll down to "Useful Tools" and it is under that as "Screenshot Webpage". But basically (and there are a couple of ways to do one) but this is the one I use:

When you have your winning screen up, press Alt + Print Screen (next to Scroll Lock)

Go to MS Paint, new file, Ctrl + V (to copy)
Your image will appear
Save As .jpg file
Go to Image, Stretch/Skew, change to 70% Horizontal and 70% Vertical
Save can then upload to CM's forum

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Just hit again, Im at $800, called customer service and she said I met my wager requirments ( i always call first). Got the ok to w/d and play table games (im too paranoid to even play anything but slots till I meet my requirement) lol
Since you're talking about generous casinos, I've been on a nice run at Wild Jack. Started playing there about 3 or 4 weeks ago (after Omni booted U.S. players), and I'm up $5500 playing BJ. I'm tracking my sessions like I did at Omni (I posted my session results once but nobody seemed that interested). So far, out of 23 sessions, 15 have been winners. Biggest one session win was $2700.

That's great. I love to hear the good stories. There is so many complaints (from myself even) Its nice to see and hear winning stories of good casinos that honor their customers
meeting the WR

babs, I'm jumping in a little late but congrats so far.

To be safe, I'd email them about meeting your WR, not just be phone.

I'd be curious to know if all this good luck resulted in a successful cash out too. guys are good! Well I can only say that I deposited for the first time since 1oct..didnt make the wr but at the end I played achellies (sp) and hit 3 at .20/2 at .40....first payed 7.50 the other 14.50, lasst one me some extra play time..I like that one. :thumbsup:
Did you get your money from them? So where are you playing now and how are you doing? It's fun to follow your adventures. Kind of like AKA23....:)
Sounds like good news...

Been following this thread, looks like this is a casino with a fair chance and they still take (and pay) players from the US. As soon as I find a way to fund
(not using Neteller anymore) I will play and let you know results. Hope your luck extends to me.:D

I made a mistake and tried a different casino. I tried a MG and lost, I just went back to this one and put in $20 this morning and Im up to $245

On the other question...they emailed me yesterday and they are wiring me the money. For some reason my netteller acct is screwed up and I dont have the patience holding on the phone. Really, I dont mind waiting, it's just gonna go in my savings acct anyway. My motto: better to wait then to lose!
The same $20 from 10/25

Sorry for the double post (I put this on LHM's by accident)

Remember my post on the 25th (Wed) when I deposited the $20? Well, I am STILL playing with that same $20 since then and it's Saturday!!!! I have $123

I got down to $9 on Friday AM and got a $128 spin on raindance ( i dont even know what I did because I usually dont play that one lol) I just remember seeing an Indian on the first line and 4 of the same thing on the other lines.

I got down to about $60 last night and hit 2 $40 golden glove in a row.

I gotta tell ya, so far out of all of the many casinos Ive been playing at, even though I got some nice w/d's on the other ones, afterwards, I lose but this site is different. After I w/d the $300, I thought I would lose like the others , that's why I only put in $20.

PLUS....If you need any help at customer service......T-Ziggy is one of the nicest, helpful and courteous person I have ever dealt with at an online casino. He emails me often to give me updates when I had problems withdrawling...I didnt have to hound them, they emailed me first. And he was also the one that unlocked my account when I first went on, apparently I had another PU acct (i actually didnt know it). He was so funny, he said, after I explained and apologized "no worries, Im not mad at you" lol "ill unlock your acct because we don't mention the other acct when you sign up and it happens from time to time"

He even told me when I could cash out without hemming and hawing and told me not to worry if I want to call them everyday to ask questions "thats what Im here for" he said. I love this guy!

That is so cool! Are you playing low bets or gradual? It is nice to hear someone so content with their casino. Hope they stay reliable, we need a replacement for InterCasino ,32red right? Im not playing online anymore but maybe I will in the near future, so Ill live thru you for now! lol Keep posting!
PS,,,I got creamed at wheel of fortune the otherday....if you want to make your secret system unsecret..PM me!:D


I do a wierd system. If you wanna take the time to read this I will share how I play. It may not work for many of you because you need alot of patience and have to be a small player like I am. But here is my "system" lol

I play ALL of the real videos( money, treasure,caeser etc) ALL of them
and this is what I do. Are you ready? I know some of you are gonna laugh, but that's ok, Im happy :)

What you need: an index card (it's easier than a large peice of paper) a pen and a highlighter LOL

1. I start at .40 and do 3 spins on EVERYONE of the games, If I get a win over .10, I write the name down, If I get 3/3 I put a star next to it. If I get 0/3...I dont write it down

2. The ones that passed the .40 test: I go down my list from top to bottom and do 2 $1 spins on all of the games that passed the .40 test. If I get one out of three, I put a highlight over the written down casino that passed the .40 test. If I get 0/2, it does not get highlighted, if I get a feature bonus, I put a "b" next to it

3. All the games that passed the 2nd test gets 3 spins per game, if it gets atleast one win, I continue with that game for the remainder of my day. If it has a random JP of atleast $3,000.00, I play whether it passes the test or not and put a JP^ next to it.

I just play the games that are highlighted UNLESS I hit a spin for over $50, then, for the heck of it, I do 3 $1 spins on the 1st set of games that didnt pass. I will do some $2 and $5 but is very far and few btwn. I play to have fun and hopefully get a w/d out of it.

OKAY, you all can stop laughing your asses off now :)
:p I wouldnt dare laugh at anyone winning like you have been! lol. I dont have highspeed internet so I cant play that many at a time, it would take me alllllllll day to download ect. Anyone else who tries Babs system, give us a report and let us know how it goes! (My son is on me to get highspeed, may have it by xmas time....) :)
Day 5

I still have $75 left and about to start my first session :)

I gotta be honest here.....This is the first time $20 has lasted me 5 days. I wrote down how many 45 min sessions I had yesterday with the amounts. Give or take 10 minutes, I played 8 times and it went like this

1. $130 8 am
2. $137 11 am
3. $123 1pm
4. $67 230pm
5. $99 4pm
6. $50 7pm
7. $80 8pm
8. $75 midnight
The $20 ride is over LOL


It finally ended today at 338pm. I am down to zero. Boy, that was one hell of a ride for $20 though!!!

Now I gotta figure out what Im gonna do next. I played so much RTG in the last 5 days Im dreaming of genies and panda bears lol. I may take a break.

I do like the MG games but I don't do very well on them except a few times on bars and stripes and the big kahuna. Ill probably break down by tomorrow morning and play something lol...thank God there's a house marathon on USA network today :)
AWWwwwww too bad! Ya that was a long one for $20! I love the big Kahuna. You know what I miss..playtech "spin a wheel" I had just figured a formula but made teeny bets., but I was just starting then. I found other casinos and didnt go back. Now that I am not afraid to bet bigger, I cant get back to playtech to play it. I was pretty good at Genie also. BOoooo Hoooooo!
I spent the day watching "most haunted places" marathon! wooooooo! Boo!

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