Free Spin Casino Rogue?

well I would like to give my opinion on the issue, every month I come playing in free spin casino and is a very responsible casino, they give their customers each month $25 free chip to play them freely at the casino in personally I only have a single deposit and recently a free copper chip x $100 usd with no problem. for my it is a very responsible casino with no restrictions recommend it enough

Fari enough but have you withdrawn from thos free chips ? im sure thats what most like to know :) i can get a free chip from every rogue casino there is without a prob, but its when you start cashing out they usually start :)
Can I be the first to point out that yes its bad to accidentally expose the private details of someone to one person, but its arguably worse to then copy and paste that info and post it publicly on the internet where an unlimited number of people could read it.

I apologize if anyone found that offensive as it was not my intention :)
i have made a withdrawal from a free chip two weeks ago, they process payments only on thursday, and i have been payd 100 $ after a min deposit.
They aren'n the best casino due to bad communication and support, but they have payd me!

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