Free poker money and rakeback deals!,keep your winnings!(for real)


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Oct 16, 2008
Canada New Brunswick
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for all the good information I have provided you with I would like to know if I have permission to give you a link to the best bankroll site there is...
I would think that would be considered spam.;)

There are some honest rakeback sites out there. With a little research people here can find their own. But, be cautious. Too many of the rakeback places openly encourage their members to open multiple accounts in order to participate in the rakebacks...and that's just begging for accounts to be closed and bankrolls to be confiscated.

I am not trying to market here lol i was just saying there are sites that give you free money and sharing the info because a lot of players do not know anything about rake deals and free bankrolls...
Free money as in free poker chips :D as in you don't have to give them money...However you do need to make an account at these sites and give them proof of address and confirm your phone number,in that sense it is not totally free because you have to give them your information but free in the sense it is not costing you money :) unless these sites are undercover hackers plotting to use your info for identity theft,but not every site is plotting something against players lol
the only drawback is you cannot claim a rake back deal and in some cases a bonus from the poker site on top of the free bankroll,there are terms I suppose but still free :D free free shmree

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