fortune falls payback


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ok first let me premise that i love 3 dices support, their payouts are imo the best in the business and they have treated me with bonuses as good as most.

now for my post.
i had my lifetime stats sent to me on this game and it was quite interesting.

in over 100000 bets , avg bet .81 cts ive dropped 7000 with a payback of 91% while my stats for the last 30 days have been losing 3200 with an avg bet size of 74cts and a payback of a whopping 87%

the question is when is all these great pluses about a casino not enough to
take over the very subpar payback .The higher var slots i understand go in cold runs but wasnt this one supposed to be less var?

i beleive lifetime im ahead in supersuits and about break even in med moolah.squirrel pike around 90 if that(dont play it much) and happy valley in the 80s for sure(also dont play it much)

btw im break even in mm and ahead in ss because when i first signed up with 3dice i turned 50 into like 9k over xmas(betting much bigger didnt realize the var of the slots then ) was amazing.since then i get a nice hit here and there but the money goes very fast betting very small.

just would hate to leave a place with great support even greater payout system when u win and fun games i enjoy.
is my sample size not big enough?

Any feedback would be appreciated



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Hi sellshort,

First off, allow me to mention that I appreciate that an unlucky run is less fun than a lucky one. But of course, as with anything in life, its the bad runs that make the good ones good ..

FortuneFalls is at a 95% long term payback. It's less high variant than our other games (which means you'll need only a couple of 100k of spins to arrive at theoretical payout with reasonable certainty as opposed to millions needed on some of our other games).

It's important tho to keep things in perspective. On fortunefalls, by far your unluckiest game at 3Dice, you've had a good 30k spins the past 30 days indeed at an average payout of 87% (or almost 9% below long term expectations.). Your luckiest game at 3Dice, supersuits, also on 30k spins, you're at 110.23% however (or over 15% above long term expectations).

Both these results are statistically perfectly normal. There's nothing to derive from it apart from that you've been unlucky on FF and lucky on SS. Believe me, if 30k spins would be enough to reach theoretical average, nobody would ever win ! (a machine like that would be extremely low variance, and everyone would rightfully complain that 'they can never win something worthwhile'). Keep in mind that the percentage is always on the side of the casino, the players need the variance as it's the window that defines how lucky you can get.

I don't want to slap anyone with a statistical bat, but calling the FF game's payout subpar based on your session is a tad bit unfair. Once again tho, I do appreciate that its more fun to win ! Alas, we can't guarantee wins, we guarantee fair odds, service, comps, personal attention, quality entertainment and fast banking. Can one hit an unlucky streak at 3Dice - yes ! - but the same goes for a lucky one ! And more important, in both cases, you can rely on the fact that our staff will do what is possible to make sure your experience at 3Dice is above par .. When you lose, there's tourney's guaranteeing playtime, there's comps without strings attached, and there's a personal and respectful approach to our support. When you win, you can be sure you'll be paid as soon as humanly possible, in full ! (no max daily/weekly/monthly cashouts at 3Dice .. we have the policy not to accept bets we wouldn't be able to pay right away .. ). Imho, chosing a casino based on your luck isn't the smartest thing to do. Casino's don't sell luck ..

Having said all that, I hope you've got a huge winning streak coming at 3Dice, and I'll take a look at your account now to see if there's anything more I can do to potentially help you kick-start that ;)




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thank you for the response enzo.The truth is thats what keeps me playin at 3dice is all of the pluses you mentioned.Its by far the casino i most frequent, and truthfully will continue to be.I guess i just wanted some opinions on the matter to allow me to look at this from another angle.