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Dormant account
Sep 22, 2004
Woman lives in London
Chaos in London

A personal account: The IHT's Eric Pfanner reports from London
By Eric Pfanner International Herald Tribune


LONDON A typical drizzly London morning quickly turned to chaos Thursday as commuters still basking in the euphoria of the city's surprise choice as the site of the 2012 Olympics were forced onto the streets by a shutdown of the public transportation system.

Shortly before 9 a.m. travelers waiting for trains at the Chancery Lane station on the London Underground's Central Line were informed of delays and station closures on other lines because of "power failures." No trains appeared, and soon the announcement message changed to a "security alert."

There was little reaction at that point as Londoners over the last four years have become used to service disruptions because of suspect packages and other reasons.

At a few minutes after nine, however, Underground staff members suddenly urged people to leave the station. A rush to the exits began.

Outside, what had seemed like a calm morning 10 minutes earlier had been transformed. Sidewalks were crammed with office workers rushing from busy rail hubs of Kings Cross and Euston toward the City, London's financial district. Other people were going against the pedestrian traffic, giving up on the workday as news of the explosions came via mobile phones.

A taxi driver refused to take a passenger, saying he was heading out of town. At that point, this commuter decided to drive to work from his home in the Clerkenwell neighbourhood, which is roughly encircled by several of the explosion sites, including Liverpool Street Station, Edgware Road, Russel Square and Old Street.

Police cordons quickly appeared as news of the explosion on a bus at Tavistock Place spread. Police officers turned away anyone who tried to get near the Tavistock Place site, including journalists.

Road traffic quickly built up, but there was little panic.

Security services took over mobile phone networks, making it difficult for worried relatives to connect with family members in London.

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For those who post in Casinomeister Forum who are from the UK, my sympathy and support goes out to you. My wifes Family lives in London but they are fine & safe.
My Heart goes out to all that live in London. And may we all pray for peace in this crazy World we live.
My Deepest Sympathy to all that knows someone in the UK
God Bless
BingoT (Tom) & Family
I've moved this to the "online casino" section of the forum since traffic in this section is high, and it will get the attention that it deserves.

My heart goes out to the families of those affected by the bombings in London. There are many forum members that are Londoners - and many of my friends live or work there. I pray for your safety.

This is a very sad day indeed.
My Deepest Sympathies

My heart goes out to all of you affected by this devastating attack.

I wish with all my heart that something could be done to annhilate these evil bastards. I will never understand the taking of one's life/many lives all in the name of some "cause". There is no cause in this world that justifies this, IMO.

Hope all who post here are safe and thinking of you.

I went to my local underground station just before 9.30am this morning and was told it was closed and the Northern Line was shut due to a power surge in central London. At that stage it didn't seem particularly unusual, since we're used to commuting problems on the underground in London.

By the time I arrived at work almost two hours later by bus I was told the devastating news about the full horror of what happened by my colleagues. I was stunned. It has been a surreal atmosphere today, the pictures of what happened on the underground and a bus numbing, the devastation caused to innocent victims and their loved ones immeasurable. I sit here typing with tears in my eyes and can only pray for those who have suffered and hope the murderers responsible are brought to justice.
Hi all,
I am a member of the forum since December 2004,I had never posted before but today I must say something.I am from Spain and last year more than 200 people died in Madrid with not reason and since 1970 the terrorists ETA are killing innocents in Spain.I hope that sooner or later these fucking bastards will get what they deserve,they will NEVER win!
As a frequent visitor to London who enjoys the city and its people I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with Samoa's thoughts on this cowardly and murderous bombing here:

QUOTE: I wish with all my heart that something could be done to annihilate these evil bastards. I will never understand the taking of one's life/many lives all in the name of some "cause". There is no cause in this world that justifies this, IMO.UNQUOTE

Real sympathies to anyone who has had the misfortune to have loved ones hurt or worse killed on this sad day.

The British are famous for standing up straighter when someone tries to knock them down. That is what will happen here, and I'm sure the thugs who did this will pay a heavy price.
Thanks for all your thought`s.

This cowardly attack came as no surprise we were expecting it.
Being free and civilised in this depraved world makes you a lot of enemies.
Let`s never let the minority of evilmen force thier radical views down our throat`s.

We the free world must stay united and defeat them with our power and our democracy.

These slimeballs are pissing in the wind if they think we`ll backdown to them.
The whole thing is just beyond belief... I don't understand it at all.

I was in Manchester when the bomb went off, the States on 9/11 - and now this... It's all just so very very pointless and sad.
Though I am really sorry for the deaths, the true cause of this problem
lies not in the Al Qaeda but U.K attitude including that of my country.

It is a very sad story that more deaths are being inflicted in Iraq every hour
than the damages U.K had yesterday.
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very sad

This was just uncalled for. A friend of mine worked in the Twin Towers which was crashed into on 9-11. Thank God he was alright. But now I wake up and turn on the news and see that they have struck again and now in London! These cold hearted basterds deserve to rot in hell for what they have done and continue to do :eek: Another very sad day indeed :oops: I pray for all those who were victims of these scumbags.
** Hey guys...
RESPECT!!! That is what I have for the UK pple at this stage. NOne of them went into a panick. None of them turned selfish. There were pple on the TV that had blood on their hands and knees, but were saying "Get to those who needs a more first"
In a sense, I think these bastards failed. Their idea was to cause a panick, and dunk London in a time of terror! Well, instead, they are all right back here today, right back on the tubes and busses! WHY?! a)THey have no choice and B) They are facing up to their fears.
You sit on that train or bus and think "What do you have in that bag. What time is it? Why are you staring at me?" But yet, you force yourself not become judgemental, and to SIT in that seat....
Is it over - Don't know, that is the scary part. Are we going to let them push us around? HELL NO.
It is sad, not dire, but scary...
May God have mercey on their souls... May we be safe! **
they did their job....

Well got to disagree with you. The really sad part is these scumbags did do their jobs. They killed and hurt a lot of people. They struck fear and terror into hundreds of peopls hearts.....Are you telling me the next time you get on a bus or ride the train you won't be thinking about it??? :confused: Of course you will. And this is what the scumbags want. They want to kill and make people think. And why are most people thinking about it, because they are afraid :(
BingoT said:
For those who post in Casinomeister Forum who are from the UK, my sympathy and support goes out to you. My wifes Family lives in London but they are fine & safe.
My Heart goes out to all that live in London. And may we all pray for peace in this crazy World we live.
My Deepest Sympathy to all that knows someone in the UK
God Bless
BingoT (Tom) & Family
You Know this took place not even 24 hours and people that have NO CLASS think of the stupid ass stuff jokes about this PEOPLE HAVE DIED Fanilies have lost a love one,People got hurt.
I don't want to post it if you don't want to see it. But I do have 2 News Stories I found.
Al Quadi appear to have released a statement

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bloody terrorists.

here's a collage of 112 pictures so far on

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May God Bless us all in a time of need.
London,UK You have many friends around the World Praying for you
More of the same

First I want to offer my thoughts and prayers for those affected by the bombings. Savage and pointless. They havent achieved a thing, this will not get Brits out of Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not stop the capital functioning. Britain has been dealing with terrorism for decades. Lockerbie, Manchester, the London Docklands. For years if you left luggage on a station it would be destroyed in a controlled explosion. There havent been metal dustbins for years in many places. Britain is more prepared for this than many other countries due to bloody experience.
And to the Japanese gentleman, this has nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan really. The world according to Islam is divided in two. The realm of Islam and the realm of Jihaad. Their aim of these fanatics is for us all to be on our knees in a mosque or dead. And their holy book clearly allows this. These are the same people who are doing most of the killing of Iraqis with carbombs. Wise up.
**TDodgy - I understand what you are saying. Yes, I got onto the bus this morning, then I changed to take the Tube. I was thinking about it ALL the time. It is hard. Am I afraid. Yes. Am I TERRIFIED. A little. WILL I SHOW IT? No. The comradrie is so much more felt this morning. Londonners are quiet. Each walking with their own thoughts. BUT we support each other with an understanding smile. Putting purpose in our strides when we get ONTO that bus. Smiling at the drive. Winking at a child. Just showing that "Yeah, I know, I understand" - AND like Silly Billy said - They have not achieved their goal. They have made the pple more determined. They have given us the ability to find our own strenghts. We all feel for those injured and dead. We do! BUT, we will not let their blood devide us, we will not let their pain allow exploitation. They have not won. They have gotton to us, yes. BUT they have not ACHIEVE anything other than united a pple from many cultures, back-grounds and believes to say "PUSH OFF - WE ARE NOT GONNE CURL UP AND HIDE AWAY!" I Never meant to suggest that it did 'nothing', it jus did not what they wanted it to do. THAT is our power now. THAT is what makes us step onto that bus with an outwardly determination, and inward fear. Is all I am saying. **
well said, sillybilly. I do find the japanese gentleman's statements totally uncalled for. I think he should wake up and smell the coffee. The horrible individuals responsible for this simply hate the ideas of democracy and freedom and want nothing more than to bring it down.

Fortunately for those of us that live in democracies, we know how to perservere and they will never bring it to an end no matter how hard they try. Do they think that we just sit back and give up? Their mindsets are totally different; that is what they would do living in their ragtag countries where all their decisions are made for them.

We certainly weren't in Afghanistan or Iraq on 9/11 so I'm tired of hearing that as an excuse for Madrid and London.

My prayers and thoughts are totally with our UK friends. Brits always keep a stiff upper lip. I was so very proud to see Mr. Blair with all the G8 leaders behind him as he made his sobering statements after the attack. I think that sent a very strong message and was symbolic of how the free world really feels...standing together and as one. offense to anyone, but I am really ashamed of my country myself
who is continuing to bully a country whose GDP is 1/10 of ours and actually
posing no threat to anyone or any otherworld let alone some imagined
danger improvised by some countries. Actually, if they hit my country's capital,
which is very likely a positive target, I am not sure if I will have any enmity to
the Islamic ooponents when I am thinking what our "leading" countires are
doing. Yes it has something to do with it.

But since this is Meister's "gambling site", not for the political site, I must
leave after I must apologize for anyone who was offended by the topic
I might have brought up.
Was born and bred in londons eastend and was always aware of terrorisism be it mainly IRA.
I lived a stone throw away from canary wharf when that was attacked.
Where the van was parked was a space I often parked in too.
The natwest tower attack I heard and could see the plumes of smoke out of my back window again just weeks before that I was walking in the city and noticed a tipper lorry parked unattended in the city and immediately thought now that could be a bomb.
So yes we in the UK have been conditioned to be vigilant and to expect the unexpected.
I have never known life in england to be any different in my 40 yrs on this planet.
What is different is these cowards dont give warnings like the IRA gave and are willing to blow themselves up to get thier primitive views across.
The disgusting and cowerdly actions by terroists in London yesterday has shaken the World again.

As an ex-pat, I spent most of yesterday morning trying to call my family and friends, who thankfully are all OK, very shaken and numbed but Ok. My mother said it brought back memories of the Blitz. She said: ' We overcame that, we'll overcome this'

Like Mr Wolf, I sat at my desk (safely on the opposite side of the Atlantic) and cried.

My thoughts and prayers go to everyone effected by these senseless and malicious acts. The British calm and resolve in the face of adversity will win through and make you even stronger.

You have friends and supporters all over the World.
I pray for the families of those lost in this tragedy.

But rest assured, every time these animals kill more innocent women and children they strengthen the resolve of the just people of the world to eradicate then.

These bastards WILL be wiped from the earth in the end and i hope all who symathize with them or condon their actions are also wiped from the earth along with them.

They have not seen the hell they are going to see if they continue their murderous, butchering of innocent women and children.

Their is no reasoning with these animals. They must be put to sleep like the mad dogs they are.

So keep it up you sick f..ks. The wrath of the world is going to come down on you eventually.

(I apologize for some of the words used in this post, but i am enraged.)

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